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How To Lift Up Your Team At Work By Successful Businessman Gustavo Martinez


The marketing and advertising industry is a culmination of talent, creativity, and imagination. Some of the brightest and most inspired minds goes into the industry, lighting it up with marketing that moves people. It take a highly inspired mind who thinks outside the box to enter this industry.

Marketing and advertising consultant Gustavo Martinez is a workaholic who loves what he does. He has had a 35 plus years in the industry, without a single sign of slowing down. Gustavo’s education was the stepping stone to his career. Mr. Martinez went to a business school at the University of Navarra. He earned a PDG with the general management program. Gustavo was not finished with his education yet, so he continued on his journey. He received a Ph.D in economics at the Universitat de Barcelona in 1986.

With all of his decades of experience in marketing and advertising, Gustavo Martinez knows what it takes to be successful. He has to keep his team motivated, inspired, and invested in the company’s mission. He also knows that recognizing good work is essential to keep your team working hard. No one feels good when they are not rewarded for their good work. Gustavo worked for a number of big marketing companies. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

This includes two big names, McCann Worldgroup and Olgilvy and Mather. His position at these prominent companies were as president. To date, his highest career position was as chief executive officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. This is the most well-known and legendary firms. He accomplished quite a lot at this firm, paving the way for more successful endeavors.

A huge aspect of what makes Mr. Martinez is his people skills. He makes people feel important, valued, and understood. He is an active listener, is very generous, and is a team player. This is the best qualities of a real leader. True leaders are not just about their own goals, they also lift everyone up around them.

Looking back at his own journey, Gustavo has some advice for his younger. He would heed the advice from others. The other lesson he would tell himself is to be patient. Everything works out in the end, and there is no rush.

Mr. Martinez believes that charity is very important thing to do in life. This may something he believes, but others don’t deem as necessary. Do it genuinely from you heart. It should not been done to make yourself look better to society and peers.

It should come from a place of genuine love for helping others. Gustavo is an active philanthropist and often gives back to causes he believes in. The good thing about giving back, it that good energy always comes back to the giver.

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