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Improve Your Personal Cyber Security With Rubica!


In seeking an appropriate answer to why cyber security is important, most specialists frequently explain that ever that since cyber-threats have become a threat on the rise, so has the importance of increasing and fortifying cyber security. It is of utmost importance that investors become well-informed individuals on the matter and thus, and well-protected from cyber-attacks similar to the recent WannaCry attacks that occurred in May of 2017. The WannaCry attacks held about 300,000 or even more computers hostage in approximately 150 countries.


The cyber security attacks that have been on the rise, make evident the importance of cyber security. Recent cyber security attacks have resulted in losses of several hundred billion dollars (HighTechChronicle). This total could very well reach a six trillion dollar annual loss by 2021. More often than not, cyber security attacks pose a threat not only to finances but to extremely valuable information and data and even to your very own personal cyber security and that of others as well. The current American President, Donald John Trump as well as former President Barack Obama, approved increasing the budgets for national cyber security. A positive future for cyber security relies on dedicating the ideal funds for a functional and effective defense against cyber-attacks. An individual’s personal cyber security will directly depend on specific measures and precautions taken; this applies to companies, and even to governments that are dedicating budget money to establishing cyber security as a safer and stronger reality moving forward.


Rubica is a cyber security company that features and offers an app that can make great personal cyber security as well as privacy protection that takes care of your cyber security a reality. Rubica removes the complexity in operations and high costs involved in personal cyber security. People and companies that use Rubica, will be better protected against attacks by cyber criminals with the objective of stealing private and personal information so that they are able to obtain financial or knowledgeable advantages.


The Rubica app maintains cyber security simple thing on smartphones, computers, and other devices such as tablets. Rubica is determined to keeping and even restoring the safety of companies and individuals within the digital experience.

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