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Into the Life of Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex, a company that deals with the supply of building materials. The company has been in existence for over 60 years, where it was started by Flavio’s family. After Flavio graduated with an engineering course from the University of New York, he did not hesitate to join his family company, which needed much of his acquired skills.

Flavio Maluf is especially excited by the new technology, which he says has contributed heavily in the development of Eucalex. Ideally, the latest technology has helped Eucalex to reach more customers within a very short time and efficiently.

Flavio, who is an extensive reader, is primarily inspired by the community around him and the environment at large. He likes to go through the internet and get ideas that are related to his line of work, which he then tables before his staff to hear their views on what he has learned and whether to implement the new ideas. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Over the years, Flavio has developed a habit whereby for four days in a week, he runs his business from the company. He has also put aside a day when he goes to the office to check on the production that goes on in the factory. Besides work, Mr. Flavio ensures that he visits the gym and does a lot of bike riding, all this in an effort to bring balance in his life.

Flavio’s advice to entrepreneurs is never to be afraid of failure. He goes on to say that failure helps a person to recognize new ways of doing things. It is,therefore, important for every aspiring business person to know what does not work for them and concentrate on their strengths. Due to the hard work and the innovative spirit of Flavio, his company has grown globally and is continuing to spread its wings even further.

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