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Investing Expert Igor Cornelsen Shows Why Paying Attention To Currency Risk Is Hugely Important


There’s not much about investing that Igor Cornelsen doesn’t know, having worked as a financial advisor and investment banker since the early 1970s. It was in the investment banking industry that he spent the first half of his successful career.

After studying engineering and economics in college, he joined a banking firm in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Success in this position led to his joining Multibanco where he was on the board of governors and then named as chief executive officer. He later held executive positions at Standard Charter Bank, Libra Bank PLC, and Unibanco.

He established Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 1995. Since that time he has been providing financial advice to clients. Igor Cornelsen says that his clients want to develop sources of passive income and would like to create generational wealth that can be passed on. His office is now in the Bahamas since he is semi-retired.

Igor Cornelsen enjoys sharing his knowledge about investing with others. His tips often involve investing internationally. The big thing to know about that is that there is currency risk. International investors need to be keenly aware of forex rates and finding favorable ones.

He uses the example of investing in a company in Bangko. You could invest $1000 in this company, which translates to $32,349.50 Thai Baht at current exchange rates, and then wait for your stock to rise. Six months later and, on paper, you’ve made a return of 20 percent. However, once you convert your gain to American dollars you haven’t actually seen any profit at all. This is because the currency of Thailand has fallen against the US dollar over the last six months.

Igor Cornelsen is passionate about investing and learning new investment strategies. This includes doing research into companies, industries, and entire nation’s economies so he can invest wisely.