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Isabel dos Santos and Family Matters


Isabel dos Santos is by no means a sluggish or lazy individual. She’s in all honesty the polar opposite of both of those adjectives. She’s been a business powerhouse in her native Africa for years and years and counting. Although Africa is without a doubt her residence, she has a background that’s also European. Tatiana, her mom, is from the nation of Russia. About Isabel dos Santos is equipped with a political background that’s practically unrivaled in Angola. That’s due to her father’s legacy. He was Angola’s diligent President for a notably long span of time. He started governing the nation in the seventies. He continued with the role for roughly twenty years after the brand new millennium had commenced. Jose Eduardo dos Santos is practically an institution on the African continent. His daughter does a lot to advance her own causes as well.

There are so many individuals in Angola and beyond who turn to Isabel dos Santos for concepts about her professional career and lifestyle in general. She has a rock-solid education under her belt. Studying in Europe was something that proved to be quite productive for this businesswoman and for all of her varied aims. She’s an individual who has a strong grasp of the United Kingdom and of England specifically. London is a metropolis that’s close to her heart. Isabel dos Santos doesn’t shy away from discussions that span all sorts of classifications nowadays. She’s able to talk for hours and hours about the telecommunications sector.

Heading telecommunications businesses is no way something that’s a distant notion to her. She also has a lot of her expertise knowledge that relates to investing matters. She’s been in the company of many shareholders throughout the years. This executive has a lifestyle that’s practically unstoppable. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t put a lot of thought into family, however. She most certainly does. She’s been blissfully married to Mister Sindika Dokolo since the beginning of the 2000s. They got “hitched” in 2002. They now raise four majestic kids together. Being around family is something that never gets tiring for Isabel or for her committed husband. Click here.