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Isabel dos Santos defende que 5G em África está dependente


According to Isabel dos Santos, it is time for Africa to prepare to receive the 1.7 billion people that will be living there by the year 2030. Angola’s population is expected to have nearly tripled by 2050. This would bring the current population of 27 million to more than 76 million. In light of this expected population growth over the coming decade, town planning is a necessity. This is a tremendous challenge that cannot wait. Isabela dos Santos, African businesswoman and daughter of former Angolan President Jose’ Eduardo dos Santos is at the forefront in favor of these preparations. She recently spoke about the need for energy investment in support of bringing and expanding 5G in the continent. She says that Telecom operators are ready to deploy the 5G network but this can only happen with a strong energy sector investment.

Telecommunications company, Unitel, is responsible for a 2.2 million dollar investment in the continents implementation of fiber optic cables. As Unitel’s chairperson, Isabel dos Santos encourages private investment. One of the greatest challenges faced in the region is the growing urban areas where suitable infrastructures have not been built yet. Adapting to the growth after it has already taken place can cost as much as three times what it would have on the front end of urban expansion. It is not only wise but also cost-effective to anticipate the infrastructure before the increased population.

Isabel dos Santos would like to see the Energy sector receive a large private sector investment like the investment in the region’s telecommunications sector for the fiber optic expansion. She is excited about the potential of e-commerce and online trading platforms for Africa. Dos Santos is not shy in highlighting that there is a need for fewer barriers. Lowering costs and streamlining communication to the larger audience are ways that she believes this can happen. Isabel dos Santos will be present at this years’ AfricaCom. Each year more than 15,000 people visit the event along with over 450 business industry leaders. This year the event is scheduled from November 12th to the 14th and will take place in Cape Town.

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A grande pergunta que fazemos hoje nos nossos países africanos é: como é que podemos criar soluções, empregos e negócios? Eu acredito que encontramos estas soluções na tecnologia e economia digital. Temos uma população em crescimento e a maior geração de jovens de sempre. Há um potencial humano enorme. Então o investimento tem de ser feito na tecnologia e em tornar África digital, inclusiva, focada no negócio, no desenvolvimento e na criação de empregos e condições para os africanos. #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Unitel #Angola #Africa #AfricaCom #AfricaTech #desenvolvimento The major question we ask today in our African countries is: How can we create solutions, jobs and businesses? I believe we can find these solutions in technology and the digital economy. We have a growing population and the largest generation of young people ever. There is huge human potential. So the investment has to be made in technology and in making Africa digital, inclusive, business driven, focused in development and in job creation for all Africans.

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