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Isabel Dos Santos, Ray of Hope the Society


Isabel Dos Santos career life

Isabel Dos has been ranked as the richest woman in Africa. Her estimated reaches by 2019 was worth $2.4 Billion—through resources and savings. She started her own business and politics career in 1990. The first work she tackled was being a project manager engineer in Urbana. Isabel Dos Santos role at the institution included assistance in the upgrading of track business use walkie talkies. Her next project was the Miami Beach Club. The club was the first ever venture to have a hop in the Island of Luanda.

In 2016, Isabel Dos Santos took control of the Banco Fomento de Angola (BFA bank). The attainment was approved by National Bank of Angola. Isabel Dos Santos is the brainchild behind Trans African Investment Services (TAIS). She is also the sole proprietor to Unitel International Holdings previously referred to as Jadeium a vehicle she used in most of her telecommunication work.

Giving back to society

Dos Santos has been engaging in her charitable acts. She recently initiated the Christmas Charity appeal that aimed at raising money to help the less fortunate in Angola. Isabel has always encouraged her team to help the needy. She supports children education in Angola.

Interview recap

During her recent interview, she said that being a woman in a male-dominated society comes with a lot of doubt from people; she has been forced to be creative and stand for her values. Women can succeed if they are persistent, courageous, or if they have talent. It was her father’s motivation that enabled her to be where she is now. Her useful advice is that women should have equal opportunities. Women should be encouraged to pursue their ambitious dream just like men; by doing so, they will be empowering the women in society. Isabel Dos Santos advice to the women who want to make a first step is to, take advantage of the knowledge and talent that they have. Goals are attained through determination and competence. Turn your weaknesses into strengths. She later said that her husband has been supportive to her. He used to encourage and advise her together with her father, who gave her education.