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Isabel dos Santos Will Remain Firmly Committed To One Of Her Favorite Global Markets


Isabel dos Santos is known for her business successes in her home country of Angola but the legendary businesswoman that has become Africa’s richest female entrepreneur has also made a great deal of her fortune based on her valuable investments in the country of Portugal. The Portuguese market has been a very lucrative one for Isabel dos Santos over the years and she recently made it public that her future intentions are to continue her commitments within the country for the long haul. This news was broke to the public by the representative for the business dealings of Isabel in Portugal.

This individual is Mário Leite da Silva. A major point that da Silva made is the fact that there is a lot of stability in the long-term with the investments that Isabel dos Santos is currently engaged in within the Portuguese marketplace. The legendary business woman is proud to continue with the strong relationship she has enjoyed in Portugal over many years. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the man who served as Angolan President for many decades, is the proud father of Isabel dos Santos. He has always been one of her biggest supporters throughout her life and it can be said that she owes her success in no small part to the constant encouragement that her father always provided during her years growing up.

It is no small task for a woman to become successful in the African business sector and there have been cultural hurdles that Isabel has had to cross but her own will to succeed, combined with ardent support from her father, helped her to overcome the odds and become a major success. One of the greatest desires that Isabel dos Santos has is to see opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship created for women in Africa. Within these issues, she has a strong realization of the need for the economic situation of Africa to improve as a whole. She is a strong advocate for the economic advancement needed to see many social issues in Africa change. One of her biggest points is the need for technology to transform the economic situation in the continent. Click here.