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Iskandar Safa, Leader Of Privinvest, Is Nothing Short Of Great At Business


Luck is involved with everything. People, no matter how skilled they are, don’t get through life without being aided – or set back, even – by the luck of the draw.

It’s plain as day that Privinvest co-founder and CEO Iskandar Safa is highly skilled as an entrepreneur and has also lucked up along the way. Here’s what I mean – check it out below.


Who Is Iskandar Safa, Exactly?

Mr. Iskandar Safa was born in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon, the Middle Eastern country’s capital city, which happens to directly border the Mediterranean Sea. Having constantly been on the water growing up, Iskandar Safa was always excited to try out one field or another directly related to sailing the seven seas.

He studied civil engineering at the American University of Beirut, graduating in 1978; four years later, he bagged an MBA from a top-tier French school.

With his brother, he founded Privinvest in 1990.


Examining a Later Portion of Iskandar Safa’s Career

Much of the major moves that the Privinvest Group made took place in its first 15-odd years of operation. However, realizing that there are always more opportunities for success, Safa – he’s the CEO and co-founder of Privinvest – took up a suitable acquisition in a shipbuilding yard in the Middle East in 2007. Click Here for more information.

This acquisition came in the form of Al Aïn International, one of the United Arab Emirates’ finest shipbuilding yards. Iskandar Safa, the business genius he is, added some new assets under the umbrella of Al Aïn International and formed Abu Dhabi MAR, a shipbuilding group that deals exclusively with the manufacture of marine vessels intended for naval use. See Related Link for additional information.

Just four years later, the savvy Iskandar Safa bought out the rest of Abu Dhabi MAR.

After this acquisition, the Privinvest Group had grown to the respectable, formidable capacity of over 2,500 full-time employees.


Visit his page on https://www.iskandar-safa.com/