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Jack Plotkin Is Looking To The Future Of The Medical Field


Jack PlotkinIt’s not often a new innovation comes along that is poised to change the face of the medical industry forever but Jack Plotkin is confident that telehealth will be one of them. It was first invented back in the 1950s when they used to perform the procedure over the phone. As part of this method, the patient would answer a series of yes or no questions regarding the symptoms of their condition and the doctors would then attempt to figure out the kind of disease they had based on the information they were provided. As you might imagine, this method proved to be unsuccessful more often than not but it’s much easier nowadays thanks to the rise of modern technology and the advent of wearable health devices.

Jack PlotkinThese new gadgets are capable of tracking your vitals and transmitting you biometrics wirelessly to the office of your doctor. They are then able to determine the diagnosis and discuss the best possible course of treatment. Of course, one thing that complicates matters is the fact that these doctors and nurses don’t always have access to the electronic medical records they need to help their patients. This makes it particularly difficult for those working at call centers to assist the people who need it. However, they are currently working on a new platform known as virtual health that will attempt to merge the EMRs with the rest of the medical files in the database.

Of course, even if this works, the cost of these types of procedures is still exorbitant and insurance won’t cover it. Medicare and Medicaid have also refused to subsidize the costs of it so, for now, it remains an exclusive privilege of the elite and top 1%. Nevertheless, Jack Plotkin remains hopeful for the future of the telehealth industry.

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