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Jana Lightspeed on The Mindfulness Life


Jana Lightspeed will not be able to make amazing decisions if she was always in a rushed state of mind. Jana Lightspeed knows that she must emphasize peace, stillness, and calmness in her life. Furthermore, Jana Lightspeed must also realize that she must be active and on point on a daily basis the get the most out of life and to give the most out of her life when interacting with others. See, she has to work hard just like everyone else and take care of her family in a great manner.

Jana may love this quote “At heart, uncertainty and investing are synonyms.” –The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham (1949)

Why? Because she knows that as an investor, one can run into the aspect of uncertainty on a regular basis and one must be prepared to deal with it each and every single day. They must prepare to be strong, have a great foundation and progress forward in life. The idea is not fear the future but to face the future head-on knowing that one has all the tools to deal with whatever might come their way.

Success comes from inside, from understanding where one wants to go in life and in knowing that there is a light at the end of a tunnel. The idea is to realize that positive thinking and contributing to society is the way to go overall. Keep a great head on the shoulders and keep building.

One Way To Keep Calm

We have a plethora of apps and tools to help make life simpler and easier. Instead of an app what if all you needed to do was to leave all your electronics behind and step outside for five minutes to focus on your breathing? Research has shown that doing something as simple as focusing on your breathing can have immense benefits on your health.