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JD.com Has Recently Made A Big Announcement That Involves Its Fresh Fruit Offering:


It is that time of year when the first harvests of apples and kiwis are coming in from New Zealand and China’s retail leader is taking advantage and bringing these great fresh produce products to its extensive customer base. This company is major e-commerce player JD.com and the company has recently added to its already strong relationship with the fresh fruit distribution giants Zespri and Rockit Global Limited. Kiwi and apples are very popular in China and the countries consumer base has become very fond of the high-quality product that comes from the island country of New Zealand. During the 2018 calendar year, the largest part of JD.com’s fresh fruit sales were of overseas origin. China has a large base of consumers from the younger demographic that love buying these delicious imported fruit products because they are a very health-conscious segment of the population.

The massive demand for imported fruit products has led to a big upswing in fruit being exported from New Zealand into the Chinese market. Kiwis have become the fruit most exported by New Zealand and the Chinese market has become the number one destination for these delicious fruits. Zespri is now operating its own flagship shop located on JD.com. Making use of the impressive logistical network operated by JD.com has been a great boom to the Zespri business in the Chinese consumer market.

Rockit Limited will likewise be offering its great fresh apples in the Chinese market. The company will similarly be openings its own flagship shop on the JD.com platform. The company will also be taking advantage of the massive benefits that come from working with JD.com and using the retail leader’s impressive logistic network. The appetite for these kinds of imported fresh fruit products is continuing to grown in China and JD.com has become the leader in bringing the fresh items to consumers. The consumer market in China routinely turns to JD.com to handle all of their fresh fruit needs. It is all a part of the company’s commitment to getting its customer the products that they want and need.

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