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JD Introduces Top Wine Product by Grand Tokaj


The leading Chinese retailer JD has introduced a Hungarian wine to its line of liquor products. Jingdong has began distributing wine from a company called Grand Tokaj. This wine product is from one of the largest producers of wine in Hungary. As soon as the product was introduced, the popularity of the product has emerged. Today, Grand Tokaj wine is one of the leading liquor products in China. Jingdong has agreed to help market the wine products and also provide feedback on how to make the wine more appealing to consumers in China as well. JD will provide data analysis to find out more about consumer trends and preferences. Jingdong will also help with the logistics of the wine distribution by shipping the wine to consumers.

Jingdong will begin distributing one of the oldest wine products in the world. Grand Tokaj is the oldest winery in Hungary which has been producing the wine since the 17th century. The wine product is known for its sweetness as it comes from the Tokaj Heglayia region. It is made from some of the sweetest grapes in the world which give it a unique and distinguished taste. Since the wine was first made, it has received support from the government. As a result, Grand Tokaj wine will remain as one of the most in demand wine products on the market.

The Grand Tokaj wine has become one of the most popular wine products in China. Many Chinese consumers have enjoyed the wine and purchased it in large numbers. Within hours of introducing the wine, over 1,000 bottles were sold. As well as selling a large quantity of wine products, Grand Tokaj has received over 400,000 followers as well. JD has also done some research on consumer trends in the wine market. According to its findings, three quarters of Chinese consumers prefer to purchase wine made from foreign countries. Today, Grand Tokaj makes the second most popular wine in China. It is second to only Moutai which is the top wine product in the Chinese market. Jingdong will continue to provide the popular wine product in order to continue satisfying its customers.