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JetSmarter Stand Out Sergey Petrossov


Sergey Petrossov

One the stand out IT entrepreneurs of the last several years is JetSmarter founder and CEO, Sergey Petrossov. Sergey, a resident of the state of Florida, made a huge splash in the internet app world with his highly successful launch of JetSmarter in 2009. While it took a few years for the company to gain noteworthy traction, today it is a well-known fixture within the private jet charter industry. In a nutshell, JetSmarter links up private jet passengers with local charter companies. Rather than booking these flights for rich and famous clientele to occupy themselves, the ingenious app allows private jet passengers to collectively join together with other random passengers in order to get discounted private jet seats.

The way in which Sergey Petrossov has changed the private jet industry with his award-winning app is that he has made private jet charter services much more available to a wider client base. Using specialized filters built into the JetSmarter app, clients are able to pick and choose who they join up with when bidding on prospective private jet seats. Private jet providers and the clients all have an in-app rating system along with user bios, a feature that ensures that passengers that sit together on private jets are fully compatible. For example, with JetSmarter you aren’t going to have a quiet business executive chartering a private jet with a loud beer-guzzling grunge band. The in-app filters ensure that incompatibilities between passengers are considered when selecting the correct charter flight for each client.

The type of clients that use JetSmarter are typically from the more affluent part of society. They tend to be CEOs, business executives, bankers, celebrities, professional athletes, famous artists, IT entrepreneurs, and other important personalities. Many of these people could easily afford to charter a private jet by themselves, however, doing so is often wasteful and unnecessary. Contrary to what most people believe, rich and successful people can be just as frugal as a low-income earner. Aside from JetSmarter saving private jet passengers money, it can also be a conduit for well-to-do passengers to brush shoulders and network with other like-minded individuals while traveling.