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Jeunesse Global Makes Major Announcement Regarding Annual NEXT EXPO


Jeunesse, a worldwide beauty company, just announced the dates for their 2019 World Tour. The company works in countries throughout the world, and the annual World Tour brings together thousands of people gather together to learn everything that Jeunesse has going on. This year’s 2019 World Tour EXPO Next even will take Jeunesse sales associates to the never level. The company is inviting people to become a part of the NEXT generation of Jeunesse consultants and to claim their path to success. 

The event will take place in four places where Jeunesse has a major presence including:

  • North American Expo in Orlando on September 5th-8th
  • Asian-Pacific & Africa Expo in Singapore on September 19th-22nd 
  • Europe & Middle East Expo in Milan on October 18th-20th
  • Latin America Expo in Rio de Janeiro on November 8th-10th

Each expo will be unique to the specific market and location it is being held in. However, there are a few key highlights that all attendees will be able to partake in. These include things like getting a market strategy from one of the company’s leadership team members that will help consultants to take their sale to the never level. There is also planned to be a major new product reveal. This is huge for Jeunesse that is known for having its tried-and-true products that have been customer favorites for years. Attendees will also get to hear a live talk from the company’s co-founders. They will speak about the Jeunesse story and how it has evolved.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse a decade ago with the dream of creating a line of beauty and wellness products that were truly synergistic and met all the needs of Jeunesse customers. They found that people were buying piecemeal products from a variety of sources and those products didn’t work well together. Jeunesse created a system that changed all of that.

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) by Jeunesse was specially created to combine powerful benefits of top-of-the-line healthy, beauty and wellness products. The line consists of skincare products, supplements and an energy drink designed to work together holistically.