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Jingdong Seeing Success With Free-Range Chicken Farms


JD.com has made some big changes to a lot of industries over the years, but one of their efforts that they began in 2016 is starting to see some great results. Chicken is one of the most popular protein products in the world, but many people are concerned with how the livestock is treated. They opened up a chicken farm in Wuyi County, one of the more economically disadvantaged areas in the country. This chicken farm is able to provide high-quality meat for the customers of Jingdong while also providing a much nicer environment for the animals. The farm is free-range and has created a lot of economic opportunity for the area. Since it was first started, the company’s sales of chicken have doubled.

The “Running Chicken” farm in the Hebei Province occupies 27 hectares of land. It is just one example of how JD.com has been able to help others while creating an opportunity for their customers to purchase quality products at competitive pricing almost anywhere and China. Jingdong has also been providing loans for farmers that are interest-free. These loans have allowed these farmers to increase their income dramatically and create more sustainable farms. Because of their efforts, Wuyi County was able to take itself off the national poverty list of China. Farmers in the region were offered jobs on a part-time basis that involved them growing vegetables and other crops that are used in chicken feed along with maintenance. JD.com has also hired several professional breeders whose purpose is to tend to the chickens on their farms.

Many farms around the world that breed and raise chickens are known as battery farms. Chickens spend almost all of their lives in small cages and JD.com knew that they needed to provide a better example. Chickens that are raised on free-range farms such as the one recently opened by JingDong spend more than half of their lives outside instead of being forced to live in uncomfortable conditions. More and more, customers are proving that they truly care about the transparency of everything which includes ethical treatment of aminals on farms.

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