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Lori Senecal: Transforming the Branding and Advertising Industry


The branding and advertising industry is constantly growing and requires strategic leaders for firms to succeed. Lori Senecal has managed to succeed in the industry by acquiring great recognitions for her input and dedication. She is visionary and brilliant in applying the best skills and expertise to contribute greatly to growth of companies. Lori is known for her work as an exceptional leader who influences and motivates teams to achieve organizational growth and increase employee output.

Lori Senecal is an alumnus of McGill University where she studied bachelors in commerce. She undertook a concentration in finance and marketing which provided her with the necessary knowledge to succeed in the field. Senecal has succeeded in establishing a great career in advertising. She has worked with the best companies in the field and has been involved in overseeing the transformation of small companies to global firms.

Lori achieved her greatest accomplishments in her career working at KBS. She joined the company as a chief executive officer and president. The company was facing challenges related to employee retention which slowed growth and reduced revenue. According to Ad Week, after joining as the head, Senecal was able to transform it to a global player acquiring global agencies. Its employees grew from two hundred to more than eight hundred with global brand awareness.

Senecal had prior experience at McCann where she served as president. She introduced change that was needed for growth by providing new and effective leadership style. Lori later worked at MDC Partners as its chief executive officer. Her role was executing the company’s global strategies and expansion. She performed this role exceptionally and led to increased global presence and brand growth. Senecal still holds this position despite her recruitment at Crispin Porter &Bogusky as a CEO, claims campaign live. Both companies recognize her importance in their productivity and are honored to have her in their teams.

Lori is committed to helping others in the field grow and mentoring women to take up leadership roles. She appeared at the 3% conference that recognizes women in leadership where she encouraged creativity to solve some of the challenges experienced in the industry. Read more about Lori on crunchbase.com.



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