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Luke Lazarus Consultancy Brings Startup Renew to Australia


 Success on the Internet

Today businesses in every circumstance in a unique position to bring new goods and services to the entire world. Today there are new opportunities where a company can reach many customers in every place of the globe day and night. Some startup businesses run automatically without anyone there to manage them.

They have a computer algorithm in place that resets after the last customer leaves the web portal. But success doesn’t come as quickly for some as it does for others.

There are many reasons why business can be a challenge even for those who are business. The market is competitive, and there are so many moving parts, especially if several people are involved. People are prone to make mistakes. We do not often hear “my computer made a mistake,” but we do often hear about our human faults and how they have made or broken a business.

These simple mistakes could be as simple as not giving the proper forecasting for sales each week, or failing to order the correct amount of parts or stock for a winning season, causing another competitor to pass you by in the marketplace.

Online vs. Walking

There seems to be a big difference between Suzie Que’s cookie shop where people can order a dozen of fresh cookies and have them delivered but never meet Suzie but only a picture, a few reviews, and well, some sweet cookies you like and can’t stop ordering. Dave’s Auto is in a different situation. Dave wants to be a central focus in his town of 15K which has two competitors.

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The competitors prices are competitive to one another. This is Dave’s second year in business. Dave has to leverage his walk-in business with his internet business where he ships and sells slick rims for hot rods.

His two competitors also have internet businesses as well, and all three have pretty much the same customers. Dave may go out of business if his sales don’t increase in the next few months, so he decides to call in a consultant to help him sort things out.

After a couple of days, Dave and the consultant realize that someone has been pocketing some of the sales money without reporting the sales. So Dave pays the consultant, fires the thief in his business and he’s happily on his way a better business person and tighter security set for the future.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy

Like Daves business above, Luke Lazarus is hired by a small startup and is there to help solve problems that are not seen by the management team.

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Luke Lazarus has over 20 years of experience, so he is confident that any problem being experienced by a company he has solved within his business career. Within the allotted time, Luke Lazarus has to work with a startup; he explains the most critical problems the company faces.

Since 2013 Luke Lazarus has experienced hundreds of companies renewed success after he has had a chance to help the startups. Some have relaunched with great success.

One of his companies were able to be present on a major stock exchange and hear their ticker symbol on announced as they launched their IPO. Amazing things can happen when expert advice meets willing to learn business startups.

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