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Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant based out of Australia who has had success with various companies either by scouting out leads, making a plan for them to follow and overall just helping a brand make sound decisions.

One of his responsibilities that he sees is in finding solutions to issues as he is a graduate of the Melbourne Business School, having received his MBA at a young age of 24. Luke Lazarus has experience working for companies but also has sold some off before even turning 33 years of age.

The consultant breaks down some of his duties in separate categories with being able to make plans for businesses to follow, presenting ideas to clients or businesses, offering insights into the market, and taking risks in predicting outcomes and making decisions.

Luke Lazarus starts the Q & A off by stating his daily routine that starts off with waking up early to meditate, checking emails, walking his dog, making to-do lists, and exercising in a gym every day.

He notes that writing down information on his phone to be very helpful to memorize and refresh his memory of what he has to do. He shares that the first step in developing an idea is to have a good story around it, especially when looking to invent a product or service although he accepts that inventing something off a need in the market attributes to it being successful. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus – Investing.com

The businessman shares an interesting perspective that he is fascinated by how the future of products and services will be about in how they make people feel and what experience they give to consumers. People nowadays want to have a connection to a product or company and companies are looking for ones that will fit a group or specific audience. One trait that Luke Lazarus shares that makes him productive is recording his day by day to have reminders about what he needs to do.

If he could travel back to his 20s, he would have told himself to be more relaxed and not worry so much as he did. Some traits that Luke Lazarus believes that other upcoming entrepreneurs need to have is a good mindset that they can do anything they put their mind to and have supreme confidence in what they are doing. He reflects that he has had a lot of success as a consultant and business owner by having a good team around him along with developing a good story for different products and for businesses.

He has learned and failed in the business world before as he shares in the Q & A that he trusted working with some friends or loved ones but it ended up backfiring when it was all said and done. Lastly, the businessman recommends people to use a platform called G-suite to stay organized and notes Uber as a useful transportation service.

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