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Madison Street Capital Lands Another Deal


Madison Street Capital announced another deal that they had done at the start of the year. Madison Street Capital was the exclusive financial advisor in the merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value. DCG Software Value is a provider of an array of software services used for estimation and function point analysis. The Spitfire Group is a consulting firm that is based in Denver. It specializes in business and technology. Mark Richtermeyer is the CEO of Spitfire. Mike Harris is the chief executive officer of DCG Software.


DCG Software was started in 1994. Its products are used to help companies to make better decisions. They are able to cut costs and to improve the performance of their businesses. The Spitfire Group is a team of professionals who work together with clients to align their business objectives with their technological approach. The announcement was made by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. He said that the two companies had outstanding leaders and management teams. Botchway added that it had been a privilege to work with the two entities that were leaders in the IT industry.


Mike Harris is the CEO of DCG. He said that Madison Street had exhibited professionalism from the first engagement to the closing of the deal. Mike appreciated the analysis and insight that the team had provided for every step of the way. He finished by stating that the two CEOs were looking forward to collaborating with MSC on other avenues to allow them to provide more value.


Madison Street Capital is an investment advisory firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It is an international company. Its clients include middle market companies. Madison Street Capital provides various services including financial advisory, business valuations, corporate restructuring, and mergers & acquisition advisory. The firm is focused on emerging markets because it believes that they have the potential to offer good growth for clients. The enterprise has expanded its operations to other continents including Asia and Africa. This helps them to serve the international market and to provide better services to clients in a timely manner.


Madison Street Capital reputation is very intact because of their due diligence and their attention to detail when dealing with customers. MSC is involved in philanthropy. It supports various charities and foundations. They are supporters of United Way Disaster Relief that coordinates efforts to help victims of disasters.


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