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Magnises Is Billy McFarland’s Exclusive Club


He is only 23 years old, yet he is already making bold moves in business. His name is Billy McFarland, and he has founded a company named Magnises. It is a social club that gives exclusive privileges to an elite circle of members. It does this through its special black card. The card can be used to avail special events and deals that are only accessible to members.

Billy says that he has created a platform for the elite millennial who wants to expand his social network. His black card program connects people together in whole new ways. It is targeted at people aged 21-35 who work in fashion, finance and information technology. His members carry their black card with them at all times so they can access the benefits of the program. It is convenient because it is linked to your credit card or bank card.

The card has a solid feel to it because it is fashioned out of metal. There is gravitas associated with pulling your black card out from your wallet.

You can use it in bars, clubs, restaurants, getaways and even private concerts. You can get a private performance from Ja Rule or Rick Ross. You can take a helicopter ride out to the Hamptons. You can do all these things while getting a discount.

Once you sign up for the program, you will have instant access to deals. There is a mobile application that helps you explore the benefits of being a member. 6,000 people already have the Magnises card. It only costs $250 a year to get all the benefits.

Magnises is looking for companies to join its team. Billy McFarland has always been an entrepreneur. He dropped out of college his freshman year because he knew his purpose in life already. The result of his hard work is Magnises, and he is succeeding brilliantly.

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  • Ayle Jones December 29, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Not everyone who applies is accepted to the program. Before you can use the benefits, you must be approved by someone on Billy’s team. This club is for people who want to be engaged in a new exclusive social circle. It ok for them to visit http://www.bestdissertations.com and take a look at what they have say about these things.

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