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Malcolm Casselle’s house of WAX


The Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX, is a platform for participation in marketplaces of virtual game assets. The goal of WAX is to create marketplaces for game assets where there were none, and to enable ownership of assets, making the economy of game assets more accessible by means of linking it to cryptocurrency exchanges. Malcolm Casselle, the founder of WAX, hopes to ensure the validity of tokens on the blockchain by having the system regulated by guilds and tying the reputation of guilds to their regulatory performance.


Malcolm Casselle is an entrepreneur and president of new ventures at Tronc, Inc. He is the president of WAX and the president and CEO of Tribune Publishing. As well as heading two companies directly, he has been an early investor in Bitcoin, Zync, and Facebook.


In general Casselle’s career is that of a funder of startup capital. He is a mentor at Plug and Play Bitcoin, and at advisor at Sensay, DirectTech Labs, Bringhub, PrettyQuick, WeRecover, and Votocast. He is a board member at Timeline Labs, of which he was previously the CEO, having built a team, raised capital, guided the product to completion, and led the team to market success.


His biggest projects have involved Groupon and PCCW. For Groupon, he led the largest P&L for Groupon China, growing to many millions of dollars in revenue within the space of a year prior to the IPO. His work with Groupon China led many of his teammates to remember him favorably as someone who communicates objectives. For PCCW, Casselle played a founding role in the startup team, taking the company from private startup to public company and quickly raising $4 billion in equity funding. After securing the funding Casselle helped build the broadband public offerings, drove M&A, and directed strategic investments.


Casselle is currently invested in Blockchain Capital, BTCC China, Data Collective, WeRecover, Alpharank, Arsenic, Bringhub, Cryptocurrency partners, MediMeals, and Xfire.