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Mark Holyoake-The Revered British Investment Expert


Mark Holyoake is a respected British business professional. He is also a business leader and has enjoyed a successful investment career in various sectors. Born in London, he has resided in many capitals. The skilled entrepreneur attended Reading University to pursue business management. He was encouraged by his parents to work hard and attain excellent grades that would propel him towards his current career path.

Nonetheless, Mark wasn’t interested in studying business. He, therefore, ended up studying finance. Holyoake worked on a boat while in college. Still, at that tender age, he pursued a small business without constructive financial support from his parents. He closed the company to focus on various opportunities. The budding businessman would take up odd jobs to sustain himself. He sought additional income supplemental opportunities and saved some income to set him on a path to business.

Following his graduation from Reading University in 1995, Holyoake concentrated on creating an extensive portfolio of business. It extended across commercial as well as residential property sectors. He also cemented his business presence in the United Kingdom and European food industries. Holyoake has vast experience, particularly in the seafood sector. He has successfully owned and directed various companies in different countries and ended up helping to increase their growth trajectory and revenue.

Mark Holyoake also started an investment vehicle known as Oakvest Group. The company focuses on various private equity investments such as food and real estate. It also majors in acquisitions and multiple developments. Under the guidance of Mark Holyoake, the firm has been overseeing the management of different real estate properties. Over the years of investing in various businesses, Mark Holyoake purchased controlling shares at Iceland Seafood International. He oversaw the operations of the company, including its management at the executive level. However, he recently stepped down following a decision by the board members. The administration has since nominated other leaders to take over certain positions.

Learn more about Mark Holyoake : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-holyoake/