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Mark Holyoake: The Rising Trend of the Food Sector


As the owner of Oakvest Holdings, an investment fund focused on private equity and real estate; Mark Holyoake has no doubt become one of the most revered entrepreneurs in the world. Since the early 1990s, Mark Holyoake has made it his goal to focus and succeed in investing in the food sector. In addition to his international investments, Mr.Holyoake has also sat within a variety of boards which include Icesea, a company purchased by Mr.Holyoake’s investment company back in 2010. We recently sat down with Mark Holyoake to learn a little more about his mindset behind his work and the direction of his company.

Where did the idea for your company originate from?

Mr.Holyoake states that the idea for the company initially came from the fact that his acquisition company decided in 2010 to go forth with the purchase of Iceland Seafood International. Although foreign investments in Iceland where being limited due to their financial hardships at the time, Mr.Holyoake understood that the acquisition would no doubt be worth the risk. Over nine years later and Iceland Seafood International has grown immensely with it now being dubbed the powerhouse of that particular sector.

How are you able to bring ideas to life?

An idea can only be taken to the next level if you know that your team is 100% behind it, says Mark Holyoake. Mr.Holyoake adds that it is almost impossible to make anything happen when your team members don’t feel that is right. An idea can only be executed when all concerns and suggestions are laid out on the table; only then can ideas truly come to life.

What is one trend that you interests you?

Mr.Holayoake states that one of the rising trends that he’s been noticing in the past few years is the number of people caring about how they take care of themselves and others. Mr.Holyoak adds that over 617 million people across the world are 65 years of age or older, a trend that is likely to grow in the coming years. This new trends, he adds, will no doubt provide significant opportunities for those wanting to invest in the food sector.

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