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Mark Holyoake’s Success in the Food Sector


Although entrepreneur Mark Holyoake of London, England, has been an investor in international commercial and residential property and businesses since the 1990s, he has gradually used extensive experience to continue to put a great deal of focus on the development of a broad business portfolio that extends across the UK and the European Union (EU), especially in the food sector.

Holyoake believes that in this political turmoil time, with Brexit and similar events, that the ineptitude of the politicians will lead to there being economic suffering that will create a significant investment opportunity for investors that are positioned correctly and have the essential capital on hand to follow through.

Mark Holyoake is also a firm believer in actively pursuing further investment in the food and commodity sectors to not only develop existing well-regarded businesses but also to support and grow companies that are leading the way with new technologies and ideas. He and his team are extremely excited at these prospects and plan to deploy significant capital from his private investment fund, Oakvest Holdings, over the coming years. Oakvest’s emphasis is on private equity investments, real estate acquisitions and developments mostly in central London along with managing the listed equity and fund portfolio.

Holyoake has outstanding experience in the seafood industry globally, having owned and been a director of a number of seafood companies including sitting for close to a decade as a board director of Icesea. The former International Seafood Holdings, founded in 1932, was Iceland’s leading and oldest seafood company. It was purchased by his investment group in 2010, is Nasdaq-listed, and is a PLC corporate on Nasdaq First North, where it is one of the star performers that shows consistent and exceptional year-on-year profit growth. That group of businesses in Icesea had a huge potential to have its performance impacted and its footprint further expanded across Europe.

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