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Matt Badiali Projects Just What Legalization of Stateside Marijuana May Mean


As the cannabis market has increased in popularity and profitability many investors have given into the frenzy surrounding it. A frenzy increased thanks to Canada’s incoming full legalization of cannabis across the board. One investor, Matt Badiali, has been honking the horn of cannabis investment for quite some time. Badiali is a guru who often projects huge gains for early investments. Usually, such projections are based on an incoming event that is set to change everything. For cannabis in the U.S. that would be nationwide legalization. As Oklahoma has recently become the 30th state to partly legalize cannabis many project the time may be drawing near. So Badiali has decided to describe what such an occurrence would inevitably do.

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Matt Badiali has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing for a few years. He has two newsletters: Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist contains his projections for companies in the natural resource market, while Front Line Profits deals in short-term loan options. What makes the newsletters special is how Matt Badiali gleans his information. Badiali is a trained geologist who began his career as an advisor to big resource companies. Now, he uses his expertise to personally vet resource companies to provide first-hand information. In the last few weeks Badilai has dedicated issues of Real Wealth Strategist to projecting what full legalization of medical marijuana would mean to stateside markets.

Badiali’s projections are based mostly on fact. The guru draws from studies that mark how cannabis sales have increased wherever more access is granted. In 2017, cannabis sales stateside reached $6 billion dollars with a ‘B’. If that number can be gained with minimal access and around 30 states what number can be garnered with full legalization across all 50? Badiali’s estimates are pretty large, and that is only for medical marijuana and does not even factor recreational use. As with all his projections Matt Badiali suggest buying in early. Economic, medical, and social factors all point to this being a great time to invest. An early investment before the boom means huge returns and Badiali is one of many saying that it is coming soon.

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