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Matthew Fleeger Is A Reigning Beacon In The Oil Industry From Texas


The industry for oil and gas has grown tremendously over the last century as it has become useful in so many applications. Matthew Fleeger is a veteran in the oil and gas industry and currently acts as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Gulf Coast Western. In the case of Matthew Fleeger, he is a well-rounded entrepreneur and businessman that has traversed several difference industries over the years, including oil, tanning, and medical waste transportation.

Matthew has created several successful startups over the years using a range of leadership, creativity, and open-mindedness. A key resource for Matthew has been to network with other professionals of similar success to maintain and expand upon his own capacities. Since graduating from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Business Administration, Matthew has been working in the corporate world as a businessman. He first started by joining his father’s company in 1985, where he spent nearly a decade expanding on his knowledge and hands-on experience.

Fleeger didn’t keep all of his eggs in one basket though, because in 1990 he started to focus on other business ventures as well. By 1993, Fleeger had founded his own medical transport company known as MedSolutions. After a few years, Matthew managed to sell off MedSolutions for over 50 million dollars, opening many more doors for him. This is when Matthew set off as an entrepreneur, taking his leave from Gulf Coast Western to focus on various business ideas.

Fleeger has since taken back up his place at the family business with a goal to expand the company through new partnerships and acquisitions. Currently, Gulf Coast Western has operations and wells working throughout Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. This is a huge upgrade from the company’s original focus that was just Texas back in 1970.

Find out more about Matthew: https://matthewhfleeger.wordpress.com/