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Meet Steve Richie: CEO of Papa John’s


One of the fourth largest and best known American pizza restaurant businesses, with a delivery chain already in place, is Papa Johns pizza. Company headquarters are in Jefferson-town, Kentucky.

The company has convenient delivery orders and carryout as it’s main area of focus for its customers. Papa John’s primarily takes carryout and delivery orders, although some stores have tables and chairs available for dining-in customers who prefer to eat their pizza in-store.

Online ordering was first set by Papa John’s in January 2002, and later by July 2004 Papa John had 6.6% of the entire U.S. pizza franchise Market. The pizza chain was first established within the United States and later on all over the world. Many other national pizza chains soon started offering online services as well after that.

Papa Johns businessman owner, Steve Richie, has been very active in keeping the company running smoothly since 2017. Richie talks often about his experience within the pizza business operations and how it all started 23 years ago when he was just an hourly worker who wanted to see progress made in many areas of the business. Mostly his concern is that everyone should know all the ins-and-outs of any business they want to get involved in. In that way they will know what to expect if an employee is absent or comes late to work.

Papa Johns went to Spain in 2016 and Steve Richie says that Spain is the second

largest European market for the restaurant franchise. There are already 42 stores that have been established by 2017 within the province of Madrid, and Richie predicts that there will eventually be a total of 100 Papa Johns restaurants established there.

Expansion throughout Europe and the United States will continue for the next several years according to Steve with the hope of having several Papa John’s restaurant chains by the end of 2020 dispersed around the globe.