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Modern Fashion on Using Scented Candles


In his work, donate Meirelles has been involved in many activities to do with fashion. She is a career woman who has taken an interest in the fashion industry as well as advisory services. He has offered much through the Vogue magazine where she has done much often. Amongst his latest work is advisory on the trend of scenting the houses with scented candles. She gives several tips in her broadcast.

On her first strategy, DonataMeirelles outlines the need to scent the strategic places that are a first sight for the people. Logically she outlines that the entrance is as vital for this technique, and the person doing this should place the candle at the entrance. The candle can easily spread the fragrance that the visitor would carry it along with their stay at the place. DonataMeirelles, in her second tip, says that the scented candles should be placed in the main rooms where there is a higher flow of the visitors. Such a room in a typical home setting include the library and the washrooms. A nice smell at the room’s common for visitors visits appealing as well as enlighten the mood. Read the article of Donata at marciatravessoni.com.br

In her third tip, DonataMeirelles puts the idea of the time in play. Ideal timing is significant in making the use of the candles sire results desired by the user. Her advice to the users is to light the candles in the morning before leaving for work so that the scent is welcoming in the evening when they return. Lastly, she puts in the opinion into play, where she suggests that choosing the brand appealing to the user is important. One’s favorite brand can create a fragrance that makes their mood better, and she further recommends her favorite brands or those with higher prevalence, such as the Ralph Lauren classic.

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