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Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited Provides Outsourcing Services That Never Disappoint


Outsourcing is among the services that attract many businesspersons in need of conducive and safe working conditions. The companies that provide such services must have trained personnel that could handle any issue regarding business improvement. A list of the best companies that offer professional inbound call solutions isn’t complete without mentioning Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited. The firm provides its Quality Assurance, Information Technology, and other customer support services from their Montego Bay, Jamaica office.

NICE, Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited values quality service delivery. The management led by the Chief Operations Officer, Paul Herdsman, ensures best customer service. Besides, the firm trains and retains talented staff. The process has helped in maintaining top-notch service delivery over the years. With 130 qualified staff members, NICE handles over a thousand calls daily and numerous emails all answered by the staff. Clients admire the company’s system that doesn’t rely on answering machines.

For business success advisory services, the client gets the best tips that help them increase revenue on their ventures. Information Technology professionals have unmatched expertise in solving computer hardware and software issues. NICE is time conscious; hence, the IT gurus employ remote desktop assistance to tackle software problems instead of the customers going to the office.

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited offices have easy accessibility to the local and international clients. The company sits 600 miles from Miami, five minutes’ drive from Sangster International Airport, and two miles from Montego Bay town. Besides, the 17,500 Square feet office provides enough space to serve numerous clients simultaneously.

Paul Herdsman oversees all the daily operations of the company he started in 2014. His strategic planning expertise has helped in the company’s growth over the years. Additionally, his knowledge of over a decade in online consumer acquisition and software enhances high-quality service delivery. Herdsman started the company to integrate outsourcers from the Dominican Republic, Philippines, the US, India, and Honduras.

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