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NGP VAN – Improving Campaign Capabilities



In 2015, NGP VAN announced they would release VAN5, scheduled for 2016. This release was the largest update to the VAN software to date. While most people were expecting small changes in the software, they found that NGP VAN essentially rebuilt the system from the ground up to improve online and offline integration and give a better UI than ever before.


MiniVAN Manager

In 2016, they released their MiniVAN Manager, which was a welcome addition to the NGP VAN Software collection. It enabled teams to engage with others while they were out working with the public. The data that was input by those going door-to-door campaigning could easily be fed back to staff members at headquarters, which helps track real-time data and improves accountability for those out in the field.


Building Your Campaign Volunteer Base

NGP VAN is well-known for providing software to aid in running a successful campaign or progressive group. However, they also give advice on how to run successful campaigns for those new to the concept. In a recent article they published in medium, Organizing 101: How to Recruit Your Volunteer Base, they offer valuable advice.


The most important strategies they offered can work to recruit for any type of campaign.


Show How Enthusiastic You Are About the Campaign

It is difficult to show enthusiasm all the time but people crave being part of an upbeat cause. They want to work with people who have an upbeat mentality, especially when it is a cause they believe in.


Networking Is Key

Networking is one of the most important things you can do for any campaign. It can help you build a volunteer base and help with your campaign results at the same time. Take advantage of your personal network of friends and family. Reach out to members of your community and other local groups for volunteers.


Schedule Meetings With Each Prospective Volunteer

Take time to schedule a one-on-one meeting with each person who wishes to volunteer. This will let you investigate their values and decide whether their personal views align with your campaign.


The simple steps they have laid out can help you develop a volunteer base that will represent your cause the same as you would. It gives you a chance to avoid volunteers that will cause damage to your campaign as well. Take time to check how every volunteer benefits you and your cause. Their dedication affects your results.