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NGP VAN Look To Aid Canvassing For Democrats


In 2008 and 2012, the software developer, NGP VAN played a key role in developing the successful Presidential campaigns of President Barrack Obama as he overcame Republican challengers for The White House. NGP VAN is concerned with how to streamline the political canvassing system to ensure it is simpler for all Democrat campaigners and volunteers. The software developer plays an active role in the creation of all forms of Democrat campaigns, fundraising, and programs through its apps and Online presence.


The development of NGP VAN has coincided with the release of studies by the University of California at Berkeley stating the effectiveness of door-to-door campaigning was not as high as thought. In fact, when potential voters with a centrist view of politics were contacted two months before an election, only one in 800 would be persuaded to change their vote.


In response, NGP VAN developed software designed to make it easier for Democrats on the ground to contact the shrinking group of center voters. The MiniVAN and full NGP VAN software are both offered to Democratic candidates who can create canvassing lists automatically with the aid of the software. In the past, a member of the regional campaign team would be required to physically put together a list of addresses a campaign volunteer would visit looking for votes. NGP VAN software has reduced data entry time before canvassing take place and after with real-time entries made via a mobile device limiting this time-consuming aspect for campaign heads.

NGP VAN is a progressive software developer hoping to show its progressive outlook on politics and society through its charitable work. The left-leaning company recently took part in the International Day Without Women designed to show the impact females have on the economy and society. Gender equality is an important part of the work of NGP VAN, which recently included a move to create a more LGBTQ-friendly approach to its software and campaigning tools.


Democrat leaders have often sought ways of engaging with members of the LGBTQ community as this group make up a large proportion of their traditional vote. NGP VAN has sought to develop tools to identify LGBTQ voters for Democrat campaigns across the U.S. The software developer plays a major role in charitable drives such as the International Day Without Women to further its role in the conversation about gender equality.