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Nick Vertucci’s Book on his Success Path


In April 2018, Nick Vertucci launched his new book titled ‘Seven Figure Decisions.’ In the book, Vertucci justifies the risks and processes he undertook to rediscover himself after his business suffered from traumatic failure. He shares his story of success and failure, and back to success. The book explains the critical steps that are his foundation in the life-changing experience that enabled him to build a greater and more sustainable industry. He started his career at 18, selling computer accessories. His business, however, came to an abrupt end in 2000 after the 2000 dot-com crash, and he lost everything.

In his book, Nick Vertucci gives insights on the pillars, fundamental mindsets and business practices that guided him towards being the millionaire he is today. He also mentions the depression he went through that resulted from his failure. The steps in his book seem relatively easier on first sight, but beneath them is a deep urge and passion that Nick Vertucci put in to become successful. He decided to develop these teachings after the mistakes he made, depression and numerous failures, all of which led him to self-invention.

According to Nick, the key to success is to have mental strength and a spirit of persistence through struggle and hardship. He explains how people should adopt the habit self-belief and continually strive towards success regardless of the negative energy around them. Vertucci also encourages ideologies of accepting change and developing self-growth, with the right mental focus. He mentioned that people mostly fail because of their negative energy.

Nick Vertucci’s story is one of grass to grace, grace to grass, then back to grace. After his business crashed, he had so many debts and lost hope. Nick Vertucci, however, picked himself up and seven years later he had a multi-million computer accessories firm, which fell due to market changes. His breakthrough came after he enrolled to a real estate academy and began his real estate business that solved his financial problems. Today Nick is one of the best real estate experts in the U.S. and a brilliant investment motivational speaker. His book gives insights of all these and how his positive mindset transformed his life.