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Omar Boraie and Boraie Development Partner with Shaq


The NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, recently opened an apartment complex in Newark, New Jersey. Few know that this city is the hometown of the famed giant. Otherwise was known as Shaq, the superstar center was a fearsome force on the hardwood for over a decade. In cooperation with Boraie Development, an $80 million luxury building was constructed in Newark. The building has 22 stories and is situated nearby to the Hahne & Co. Building as well as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Wasseem Boraie has stated that the luxury tower is already 60% rented out. Shaq is hoping that the building becomes a landmark in the downtown Newark area. Additionally, Wasseem Boraie and Shaq have also partnered up to construct a large building consisting of 250 units.

The proposed project is set to be 35 stories and will be located at 777 McCarter Highway. Apart from his notoriety on the basketball court as a dunking monster, Shaq is a well-established businessman with ventures ranging from restaurants to NBA franchises, such as the Sacramento Kings. Shaw hopes to build on the foundation set by Omar Boraie and Boraie Development in the long-term revitalization of Newark. Omar Boraie aims to replicate the success he has had in News Brunswick. The Boraie family believes that Newark has the diversity to be one of America’s most unique and exciting cities. The potential is there. Omar Boraie had the goal of being the largest real estate developer in Newark. It is safe to say that he has achieved it and is hungry to do more.