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Oren Frank Brings Ideas To Life In Mental Health


The co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank, knows the importance of mental health care on a personal level. He and his wife Roni created the leader in online psychotherapy after going through couples therapy themselves and realizing just how much of a positive impact it had on them. They wanted to be able to help more people access the mental healthcare that they knew was so important by making it more convenient and more affordable than many other more traditional options. Before co-founding Talkspace, Oren Frank had been an advertising executive and he jokes that the therapy platform is helping him repent for this. See more on Wikipedia.

While Oren Frank knows that ideas are important, he also understands that the hard part is turning these ideas into reality. Everyone can have a great idea and it only takes a second to have one, but making it happen takes a lot more time and can be much more difficult than coming up with the idea itself. Oren Frank states that execution is the hardest part about having an idea as it requires a lot of focus and discipline which is why many companies end up failing even if they are based on a good concept and idea.

One of the trends that Oren Frank finds exciting is that more women are starting to take the lead in the world. He believes that this will bring about a lot of positive changes when compared to the leadership of men. Oren Frank points out that men have failed as leaders and it’s time to see what happens when women are given the chance to take the lead and create a better world. He is excited to see all of this happen and gets a little bit more hopeful with each woman in a leadership role. Read: https://www.huffpost.com/author/oren-frank