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Oren Frank Is Tackling the Mental Health Crisis in America


Oren Frank is the CEO of Talkspace, and he just made a major announcement. The company now has a chief medical officer, and his name is Neil Leibowitz. Now that a chief medical officer is in place at Talkspace, the company’s physicians are going to be free to prescribe medications using the company’s video tool.

Talkspace is a company that gives users the opportunity to chat with a therapist online for $79 a week. If they so choose, they may communicate with a mental health professional through the messaging service for $49 per week. This service is needed because the number of Millennials who are suffering from anxiety and depression has been growing, and it is causing their productivity to suffer. Most people are taking advantage of the messaging service. Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

In a January 18 tweet, Oren Frank stated that we do not have an opioid epidemic. He characterized it as an “Epidemic of Greed.” He also described research that is showing that there is strong evidence that suggests that the addiction epidemic is directly related to marketing. According to the new CMO Leibowitz, Talkspace has not decided to allow physicians to prescribe opiates as of yet.

Oren Frank also announced in a tweet that Talkspace is releasing a new app for teens that is called “Talkspace for Teens.” The app uses the current technology to reach teens and discuss issues of mental health. It also gives teens three different ways in which to communicate with a counselor, but they will need to have their parents’ permission before they can use this service.

CMO Leibowitz wasn’t initially sure that he wanted to be involved with Talkspace, but he has come to see it as a very useful tool. He is also impressed that it makes mental health counseling more affordable for everyone with an internet connection.

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