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OSI Food Solutions & Its Path To Greatness


Greatness can come in various forms, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Luck can happen by chance while greatness is a work in progress. Hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance can make you successful, and there is one company that personifies this statement.

OSI Food Solutions is the food provider of choice for hundreds of businesses around the world. This company has one of the longest supply chains that spread across multiple continents. The president of OSI is David McDonald, and the CEO is Sheldon Lavin. These two individuals provide at least 60 years of experience when being combined, and they have taken OSI to the pinnacle of the industry.

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Before Lavin and McDonald took over the company back in the late ’70s, the Kolshowski family performed many of the daily operations. Otto Kolschowski, a German-immigrant, came to this country during the early 1900s. He was just one of the hundreds of thousands who flocked here by the end of World War I. Chicago, Illinois, was ground zero for this wave of immigration, and it boosted Chicago’s population by leaps and bounds. During this point in time, a quarter of the city’s population were of German decent. Kolschowski, and his family started the company in Oak Park, Illinois, before moving to Maywood, Illinois. This small meat market supplied its local community as well as supplied businesses throughout the Midwest.

When cryogenics came into fruition, OSI Food Solutions was able to distribute its meat products over long distances thanks to flash-freeze technology. The company became one of McDonald’s providers of meat. Thanks to such huge demand of beef, OSI Food Solutions had to stay on top of its game by building a state-of-the-art facility. This facility only functioned in the production of beef, and it came into fruition in 1973. Cost-driven products and cost reduction was the name of the game, and this is how OSI Food Solutions has marched all the way to the top.

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