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OSI Group And McDonalds: Getting Into The Plant-Based Product Line


When it comes to getting into new things to add to the business OSI Group is at the forefront of it all. When Impossible Foods made it known that their plant based burger was popular, and they could not keep up with demand, so OSI stepped in to offer the facilities and equipment needed to make it happen. A deal was struck to make OSI Group part of the production chain needed to to help meet the demand that the popular Impossible Burger was getting. When they made this deal, there was a surge in profits for sure. It was the best idea ever considering there is a segment of people out there that really don’t care for meat.

McDonalds was the first company that OSI Group started supplying fresh meat to. Since then, there have been countless others with plants being built as far as overseas. OSI Group is not a stranger to being part of trends that seem to last. They know how to market fresh foods as well which is why they are a popular choice when other food production companies need help. McDonalds is not hurrying to be part of the growing plant-based trend. They want to observe how things are going with other companies before making that decision. Other restaurants are jumping on board to offer plant-based foods to consumers that are looking for better and a healthy food alternatives.

As a result, the competition is very fierce and profits are soaring among them. OSI is going to do well in plant-based food production. They not only have the means to get it done, everything will be fresh for the restaurants that will serve it. White Castle and The Cheesecake Factory are already serving the Impossible Burger on their top food menu along with a host of others. There will be plenty more as competition gets even tighter and demand has to be met. Impossible Foods made the right decision teaming up with OSI to make sure it can handle what the customers want. Sometimes it takes a larger company to step in and do the impossible. OSI is that company.