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OSI Group Finalizes Partnership With Impossible Foods


They said that it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong. OSI Group has finalized a deal with Impossible Foods to begin receiving an inventory of meat alternatives that will then be sold to McDonalds. What this means for the consumer is that they will soon see meat alternative products on the menu at their local Golden Aches.

OSI Group has a long-term relationship with McDonalds to provide them with meat products, and that relationship has worked out quite nicely for both parties. However, the latest trend in dining is to offer a vegetarian-friendly set of options. Younger customers, in particular, want more non-meat alternatives available.

Speciality restaurants perfected the non-meat menu a long time ago, but the chain fast food restaurants are just now getting in on it. Customers jumped for joy when Burger King announced that they would roll out the Impossible Whopper nationwide. Sales for the new menu item have been strong and have caught the attention of competitors.

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Burger King was not the first to get in on the action as chains like Qdoba and Del Taco were already offering non-meat choices. However, Burger King generated the most attention for their offering, and being a direct competitor to McDonalds has made them really stand out.

McDonald’s finally appears poised to get their own veggie burger option on the menu. The details of how they will receive the inventory from OSI and Impossible Foods is something that will still need to be worked out though. It turns out that Impossible Foods has so much demand currently that it is difficult for them to keep up. They need to work out some production issues to stay competitive. Rivals like Beyond Meat are seizing opportunities left and right to partner with more restaurants to get their meat alternatives out to the public.

This is the biggest scalp so far for the meat alternative industry, and we expect to see many more in the coming years. The only question left to ask is if this trend is a fad or if it is here to stay.

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