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OSI Group’s Venture With Impossible Foods


OSI Group, a worldwide leader in food manufacturing, has added a new client to its extensive list of associates. Impossible Foods, a California-based food producer, will be utilizing OSI’s manufacturing capabilities to produce its fan-favorite Impossible Burger. This particular burger has already been introduced to select markets. In the city of St. Louis, the Impossible Burger is being sold at local Burger King retailers in and around the city. Nationwide release is the next goal, and this is where OSI Group enters the frame. This Aurora-basedcompany will mass produce these popular beef patties on a nationalscale.

The Impossible Burger is basically an alternative to standard beef. Yes, this is correct as the Impossible Burger is generally considered to be a meatless burger. This type of product can be seen as a healthier choice since it lacks many of the saturated fats of pure beef. “After performing extensive amounts of due diligence, we are proud to say that OSI Group is the best option for producing the Impossible Burger,” said Sheetal Shah, senior vice-president of foods/operations at Impossible Foods. Thanks to OSI’s product capability, the company already has equipment that’s in place to get the processing up and running.

OSI is doing what it has always done. This popular food manufacturer has been able to excel by participating in a number of joint ventures with other food retailers. The Aurora-based company has dealt with Alaska Milk Corporation, Moy Park and General Milling Corporation in the past. When it comes to high-profile restaurants, OSI has worked with KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Yum and Pizza Hut. OSI Group is proving to the world why it has become a worldwide leader in food services, and it will continue to expand to new horizons in the near future.