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Osteoarthritis and How Osteo Relief Institute can Help


As our bodies grow older – integral to human life as birth, growing pains, and maturity themselves – we tend to experience more health problems. One of the most popular diseases humans face is that of osteoarthritis, a bone and joint condition that is characterized by tissue and bone at the terminal ends of joints wearing down, causing moving around – even standing up – to be far more difficult than it was once before.


Osteoarthritis, often shortened to the initialism OA, can’t be prevented or cured, although it can be treated. A few of the most common risk factors for OA are recent family histories of the joint and bone disease, old age, injury to joints or bones, and being overweight or obese (GazetteDay). It’s important for those affected by this disease to engage in daily routines of stretching, exercise, and abstaining from performing certain motions, as follows:

every single day

  • Stretch before bed, immediately following five minutes of light, tender exercise
  • Move around every thirty minutes, no matter what; Also, make sure to engage in one hour’s worth of low- to medium-impact exercise every single day
  • Stop smoking
  • Refrain from monotonous, repetitive movements utilizing just one joint or a small cluster of them
  • ROM (range of motion) exercises, stretching, and light weight lifting
  • Go to physical therapy, take pain relievers like NSAIDs – think aspirin or ibuprofen – and regularly consult your doctor for help



Osteo Relief Institute is an organization in New Jersey that’s committed to helping people with OA lead better lives. Employing several physical therapists and physicians throughout its several locations in the Garden State, Osteo Relief Institute knows exactly what its patients need to start feeling better.

Osteo Relief Institute

Having incorporated itself as a family practice several years ago, Osteo Relief Institute is fully certified by the state of New Jersey. Further, Osteo Relief Institute.


Osteo Relief Institute prides itself in explaining things to patients in a language that’s easy to understand, rather than having to be deciphered like Egyptian hieroglyphics that other doctors might do.