The Trump Rebel and Committed Grand Rapids Resident: The two Sides of Betsy DeVos


Born in 1958 to a conservative and wealthy family, Betsy DeVos is no stranger to the Christian faith as she was raised in the Christian Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan. She lived in a mostly Dutch community, right off the shores of Lake Michigan. Prior to marrying her husband Dick DeVos, she attended Calvin College, which is a Christian school close to Grand Rapids. Betsy has been known to be committed to her family and her community. She and her billionaire husband who is also the co-founder of Amway made contributions to a variety of conservative, political and religious causes. DeVos who is also an advocate for education, charter schools, and vouchers that allows students to take advantage of the public funding to cover the cost for private, and on occasions, religious schooling.


DeVos’ hometown has many ties to the Netherlands, including religious, ethnic and other cultural ties. Some of which were associated with the debate that took place in the 1800s about public education and what it should look like in the Netherlands. Most liberal politicians pushed for increasing public secular schools and their success led to the anger of reformed and Catholic groups. While liberal politicians argued that religious schools did not deserve equal funding as public schools, the adoption of an early version of the school choice was birthed.


DeVos, who is also no stranger to political affairs, was known as Trump’s Controversial education secretary. However, she and the Trump administration endorsed the concept that theologian Abraham Kuyper had about neutral funding. His belief was that religious-based schools of different types and public schools should have a neutral yet consensual philosophy whereby all public funding is shared equally and fully. Kuyper also significantly influenced Calvin College and its deep beliefs in the modern Dutch society.


Some credits consider such a philosophy a violation of the commitment to the separation of church and state, whereas others have the belief that there should be equal treatment. Funding should be available on a neutral basis by meeting the funding needs of both secular schools as well as religious schools. Although DeVos has basically opposed regulations, as her critics and opponents have argued, that has contributed to the decimation of public education during this process. To that end, by her being opposed to such regulations, yet is in support of school vouchers, she has been put at odds with various school choice supporters to the likings of John King, a charter school co-founder, and former education secretary.


Others argue that DeVos has played a large role in the promotion of policies that have caused harm to the public education system. however, critics and opponents are hopeful that she will inadvertently develop an opportunity for a new focus on public education that is operated democratically.


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How Reviews Describe Dr. Jennifer Walden


Dr. Jennifer Walden ReviewsDr. Jennifer Walden reviews have shared that this woman seems to be an artist, working on transforming the body. Some who have had work completed by this woman have shared that they feel like it was an artist who took what was there and changed it into something new. Those who have had work done through Dr. Jennifer Walden have shared how they have a new kind of confidence now that their bodies have been changed and that they can credit this woman for the work that she did on them and the way that she made the changes look natural.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews share how this doctor and her staff are friendly. There are some who have shared that they were nervous to go to the doctor to see about having procedures done to change their bodies. Those people were happy when they arrived and found a staff that was sweet and kind. Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff have been well received by all those who have gone to them for help. Reviews share how this woman and her staff are willing to take the time to explain the procedures that they offer and how those procedures work.

The careful work that is done by Dr. Jennifer Walden and her team is something that is praised in the reviews that have been left for this doctor. Some have shared how they are happy that the doctor looks for reactions that their body might be having to the doctor’s treatments and helps them when their body does have negative reactions. Some have shared how they are happy with the way that this doctor can get her work done quickly, allowing them to stop by her office for a short visit and then see results after they have left.

The Philanthropic Efforts Of Perry Mandera


Many individuals are focused on making a significant change in the lives of different individuals in the community. Perry Mandera can be categorized as such an individual since he is actively involved in philanthropy. He is a kind person who has also come across different challenges in life. In some instances, he did not have enough resources to handle those challenges. Perry Mandera is focused on assisting needy children. He offers some assistance to their families as a way of making sure that they will have a better life through the issuance of funds that would help to ease their financial burden. 


By issuing clothes, food, tuition, and sponsorships, Perry Mandera ensures that children from a needy background can have a better life. Perry Mandera deems it fit to participate in philanthropy through The Custom Companies Inc. The people who are close to Perry Mandera help to identify the individuals in the community who can benefit significantly from the assistance that he as to offer (Twitter). 


At the moment, he is an executive in the firm that he founded. Under his able leadership, The Custom Companies, Inc. has become a leading firm in the transportation and logistics sector. While working as a marine, he was tasked with arranging transportation for the troops and their supplies. He noticed that shipping contributes significantly when an organization is focused on achieving larger goals. He was also good at teamwork, and that is why he was able to relate well with other fellows when Perry was at the Marines.


Perry Mandera’s experience in the transport and logistics industry now spans more than four decades. The Custom Companies, Inc. is based in Illinois. Nevertheless, the company also serves other states, and they are dedicated to offering unrivaled customer service. His success as an entrepreneur serves as an example of quality leadership, motivation, and focus. Throughout his tenure as an entrepreneur, he has been able to take strategic chances that have eventually led to his success. His major goal has always been to advance to the next level without limits. The experiences that he has had in the past have also played a key role in his pursuit of success.

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If one looks at the ancient world, one learns much about the thinking of the time period. The philosophers have taught us much about how mankind thinks, and does not think. Take a look at Empiricus. Empiricus was an unusual thinker. He was both a medical physician and philosopher.

Empiricus makes us learn what it means to be a skeptic, and how it is good to turn things around, analyze them, and review them from different stances. The weird thing about Empiricus is that he thought truth was almost impossible to achieve, in certain instances.

What one might perceive might be true for one person, and not the truth for others. For instance, a person with a certain color perception might see a dress in blue, and another person gold, depending on lighting factors. What is the truth? Perhaps, something to be pondered with a grain of salt! See This Page for related information.

Now, as we travel to our modern day time period, we take note of another Empiricus -a busy company in Brazil, with an American counterpart. Empiricus publish newsletters, and videos– some of which can be eye openers! They can very often create a new way of thinking about political events, and challenge dogmatism! Their whole business is conveyed through information, and newsletters.

They are published for what one might presume to be the allegory of the cave. Are we looking for the light in politics? Are we looking for truth? Now, Agora is the holding company for Empiricus which publishes newsletters on everything from finance, travel, health and a whole plethora of topics. S

ome of their newsletters also have political overtones, concerning such politicians as Trump, and Dilma Roussef, an impeached former Brazilian president. Empiricus newsletters defend the politically incorrect, and the view of polemics. One must remember that Empiricus serves a niche that is undeniable. Go Here to learn more.

One might think the publications are divisive, however; if ones studies social media they are more like promoting public awareness on a different point of view. Since truth is not always achievable, then keep a skeptical viewpoint. It might very well be correct, and worth considering. This is the Empiricus Greek School of thought and philosophy -a return to an ancient school of thought. So read, Empiricus publications! Knowledge is power, and it can be politically popular. One might very well remember Descartes, when thinking of Empiricus: Cogito, ergo sum!


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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News


Equities First Holdings – Loans Are Essential For Your Success

Banks are not the only option when it comes to borrowing money. Many people turn to Equities First Holdings for guidance. Through its unique lending strategy, Equities First Holdings successfully provide funding efficiently and securely through a transparent process. It has knowledgeable financial advisors and is fully equipped to assist customers with their borrowing needs. This outstanding firm has been providing services since 2002.

The Flavorful Sensation of eos Lip Balms


Lip balms tend to come a dime a dozen, and it has been this way for quite sometime. On the other hand, all lip balm brands are not created the same. This is where eos comes into the frame, and this particular brand is trailblazing a new path in skin care products.

One of eos’ top lip balms come in the flavor of sweet mint. Of course, the eos Sweet Mint lip balm is organically approved by the USDA. This particular product is lightly scented as well as lightly flavored. The natural choice for beautiful lips is the product’s motto, and many high-profile celebrities has been spotted using this popular lip balm in public.

Some of the reviewers of this lip balm have stated great things. Reviewer B stated that “I tend to use lip balms more so in the winter, and eos lip balms are my go-to choice.” Another reviewer said that “Evolution of Smooth is the only brand for me at this point in time. I don’t have to apply the product all day, and the sweet mint flavor isn’t too overpowering.”

eos lip balms are definitely reshaping the skin care environment. Only great things are ahead for this 21st century brand.

The New Owners Of Gump’s Are Set To Re-Open In San Francisco And Launch A New Location In New York City



Thousands of loyal customers are looking forward to the reopening of the renowned Gump’s store in San Francisco, CA. Gumps is a historic retailer, and was recently purchased by a New York family with a longstanding relationship with the brand. They have announced that they have some exciting plans in store for shoppers who have grown to love the legendary business as they have.

The luxury retail store has been a tradition in San Francisco for over 150 years. Solomon Gump and Gustave Gump founded the business in 1861. The two brothers were innovative entrepreneurs, and the business grew to become one of the leading high-end retailers in the country. The Gump brothers and their descendants have operated the store until the changes in ownership. See This Page for additional information.

The creation of Gump’s dates back to the days of the infamous gold rush that took place in California. The Gump siblings identified an opportunity, and they started to sell art in response to the changing times following the historic event. One artifact in particular that has always interested the buyer is a statue of a Buddha.

John Chachas, the patriarch of the family of new owners, has visited the store since his childhood. He was always intrigued by the Buddha, and he is pleased that it was an included item in the terms of the sale. John, his wife and three adult children are now the owners of Gump’s, and they will operate the store as a family business as well.

The Gump family is happy that the business will continue under the private ownership of another family. The Gump’s store will open soon in San Francisco, and a second location is planned in New York City, New York. The Chachas family will also operate Gump’s as an online retailer to accommodate their customers in the U.S. and abroad.


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Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited Provides Outsourcing Services That Never Disappoint


Outsourcing is among the services that attract many businesspersons in need of conducive and safe working conditions. The companies that provide such services must have trained personnel that could handle any issue regarding business improvement. A list of the best companies that offer professional inbound call solutions isn’t complete without mentioning Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited. The firm provides its Quality Assurance, Information Technology, and other customer support services from their Montego Bay, Jamaica office.

NICE, Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited values quality service delivery. The management led by the Chief Operations Officer, Paul Herdsman, ensures best customer service. Besides, the firm trains and retains talented staff. The process has helped in maintaining top-notch service delivery over the years. With 130 qualified staff members, NICE handles over a thousand calls daily and numerous emails all answered by the staff. Clients admire the company’s system that doesn’t rely on answering machines.

For business success advisory services, the client gets the best tips that help them increase revenue on their ventures. Information Technology professionals have unmatched expertise in solving computer hardware and software issues. NICE is time conscious; hence, the IT gurus employ remote desktop assistance to tackle software problems instead of the customers going to the office.

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Limited offices have easy accessibility to the local and international clients. The company sits 600 miles from Miami, five minutes’ drive from Sangster International Airport, and two miles from Montego Bay town. Besides, the 17,500 Square feet office provides enough space to serve numerous clients simultaneously.

Paul Herdsman oversees all the daily operations of the company he started in 2014. His strategic planning expertise has helped in the company’s growth over the years. Additionally, his knowledge of over a decade in online consumer acquisition and software enhances high-quality service delivery. Herdsman started the company to integrate outsourcers from the Dominican Republic, Philippines, the US, India, and Honduras.

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Steve Lesnard’s Modern Marketing Tools


Marketing in the 21st century has been completely revamped from its 20th counterpart. The era of passive marketing from billboard signs, magazine ads, or roadside signs is long gone. The advertising frontier has moved right into the hands of the consumers themselves via the smartphone device. This single piece of technology has completely reshaped the landscape in terms of how advertisements care created and who they target. Steve Lesnard is an expert in the ways of modern advertising. He recently published an article on Medium about the two core aspects to keep in mind going forward.

Modern advertising all begins with how to convince consumers to purchase a product.

Walt Disney used to consider the story as the most important component. In this sense it means having the consumer understand what the product is, what it looks like, and how it can be useful. The shorter and memorable phrases are often ones that stick with consumers better in the long term. Apple mastered his technique over a decade when the iPod began hitting the market. The phrase “10k songs in your pocket” perfectly captures that size of the device, its application, and benefits. This concept has been a big part of their market techniques even into the present day.

The second key to modern advertising is connecting directly with the consumers. This can be done through video demonstrations or interactive features. However, some companies find there is nothing greater than going directly to the source. Steve Lesnard describes a company who used s mascot character to activity perform in front of consumers. The ability to see the product in use and attach a face to a company name proved to be a strong booster in sells. It is critical for companies to meet the consumers at their level. An advertisement can easily go over their heads if it doesn’t resonate.

In the 21st century, advertisements is still a strong component of any company. The ways in which its conducted have changed, but the goal remains the shame. They are effective tools and inform and attract potential new consumers to buy.

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Oren Frank Brings Ideas To Life In Mental Health


The co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank, knows the importance of mental health care on a personal level. He and his wife Roni created the leader in online psychotherapy after going through couples therapy themselves and realizing just how much of a positive impact it had on them. They wanted to be able to help more people access the mental healthcare that they knew was so important by making it more convenient and more affordable than many other more traditional options. Before co-founding Talkspace, Oren Frank had been an advertising executive and he jokes that the therapy platform is helping him repent for this. See more on Wikipedia.

While Oren Frank knows that ideas are important, he also understands that the hard part is turning these ideas into reality. Everyone can have a great idea and it only takes a second to have one, but making it happen takes a lot more time and can be much more difficult than coming up with the idea itself. Oren Frank states that execution is the hardest part about having an idea as it requires a lot of focus and discipline which is why many companies end up failing even if they are based on a good concept and idea.

One of the trends that Oren Frank finds exciting is that more women are starting to take the lead in the world. He believes that this will bring about a lot of positive changes when compared to the leadership of men. Oren Frank points out that men have failed as leaders and it’s time to see what happens when women are given the chance to take the lead and create a better world. He is excited to see all of this happen and gets a little bit more hopeful with each woman in a leadership role. Read: