The Career Achievements of Lori Senecal


CP&B recently named Lori Senecal as it new Global CEO. The position that she will be holding will make her in charge of the international growth of the CP&B on AdWeek, whereby, she will be controlling the coordination and development of the company’s eight global offices. Senecal is an expert in management and a talented business leader. He has been spearheading the incorporation of technology, creativity, and discovery on an international scale. The appointing of Lori as the global CEO will offer the company a long-lasting international momentum. The agency was recently recognized as a winner of the Infiniti international account. Lori was greatful to be offered an opportunity to work with Chuck Porter and the administration of the CP&B. Lori Senecal anticipates that she will be a major participant in the international growth of the firm by coordinating with various offices.

They include forming planned affiliations, boosting the global development of the agency, and establishing progressive divisions on She was also an administrator of leading global accounts such as BMW, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. Lori has been the chief executive officer of the MDC Partners, and she will still retain the position despite being hired by the CP&B. Lori Senecal has interacted with the management of agencies that are significant in the growth of the MDC Partners family. Another organization that she served is the KBS and helped in changing it from a domestic enterprise that had only 250 employees to an innovative multinational company that has as a staff or more than 900 people and deals with technology, content creation, and start-up investments.

Lori was the president of the McCann-Erickson Worldwide’s New York flagship office before she was employed by the KBS. She was the leader of strategic planning, account administration, and creativity. The MDC appointed her in 2014 to join its board, and the Advertising Age named her as the Woman to Watch. Her career accomplishments have made her be honored several times. Lori Senecal received the Quantum Leap Award for creativity and leadership, which is offered by the AWNY Game Changer.

According to Chuck Poe, who is the chairperson of CP&B, Lori is understood and is passionate about her work at the firm. She adds an exceptional love of administration skills and experience. The chairman believes in Senecal’s skills, and she will be working with Richard Pinder, Andrew Keller, and Steve Erich. Source:

What You Need To Know When Hiring An Event Planner


There are many event planning companies in NYC and selecting the proper one makes all the difference with a so-so event or one your guests will remember!


  1. What’s your event objective?

For what purpose is your event, why are you holding it?

  1. Do you need to hire an event planner?

Is the event going to take care of everything or will you assume the responsibility for some of the important elements?

  1. Prepare a budget

Making a budget helps you plan the event you envision. An event planner can stage the event probably better, based on their experience.

  1. Find a bona fide event planner

Don’t trust a friend or family member’s suggestion for an event planner. Look for a planner with plenty of experience.

  1. Has the event planner done this type of event before?

Not all events are the same. One event planner does not fit all events.

  1. Ask Hotels and Chamber of Commerce’s for referrals

Ask these resources who they trust or someone.

  1. Sit down and interview two or more event planners

Discuss your event with a few event planners, and get a feel for their personality.

  1. Be open with your event vision

So that you each understand each other, be open and upfront as to your needs.

  1. Meet them in person

This helps in choosing “the one.” Phones are convenient, in person builds a rapport.

  1. Do your homework

Your event is a reflection of your effort. Support that reputation by calling event planner references.



New York City’s premier full-service event planning source is Twenty Three Layers. Its innovative and creative ideas take your event to the next level. Perfection and detail are its mission

Thor Halvorssen, a Voice for Human Rights


Thor Halvorssen is currently the president of an organization known as The Human Rights Foundation. The organization is based in New York City, and it was established in the year 2005. Under his leadership, the non-profit making organization has transformed the lives of many people in the world.

Thor Halvorssen is believed to have a mixed heritage. His parents were Norwegian and Venezuelan. His father was born by Venezuelan parents during the Second World War. Thor is also thought to have played a crucial role in diverting the Norway ships into the Venezuela Port when German decided to invade the country. Thor’s mother was related to the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza.

As the chairperson of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has helped many people in different parts of the world. Halvorssen has contributed to exposing corruption in various governments in various nations. He has also been influential in helping to free the political prisoners in the world. The successful lawyer started his career when he was only 13 years old. His first mission was helping the black people in the apartheid system that was practiced in South Africa several years ago.

Thor Halvorssen understands the oppression and tyranny that corrupt government officials and political leaders have on their subjects. This is because his family suffered under the same circumstances several years ago. His father was tortured in jail as a political prisoner for months. The lawyer has to negotiate for the release of his father. Immediately after his father was released, his cousin was sent to jail.

The successful lawyer has suffered physical assaults in his career. For instance, while attempting to release a political prisoner in Vietnam, Thor Halverson was arrested, and it was not easy to get out of the truck situation. Thor has been in the limelight on several occasions in the past discussing the challenges facing people in different parts of the world. This has earned his many enemies.

Bob Reina: He Knows His Work Is Never Done


One of the things that has allowed Bob Reina and Talk Fusion to stand the test of time and keep growing is the fact that they are always looking at the big picture and they are never content or satisfied. They know there is more to do and more to improve on when it comes to helping people and making a difference in the overall landscape of the world. After all, Bob Reina knows he is blessed to be in the spot he is in today and there is not a day that goes by where he takes that for granted. He is a very humble and hard working man.


All of this has lead to the success of Talk Fusion, which is the all-in-one video communications service. He started the company as a way to change lives for people out there that were interested in something more. They had done the 9-5 suit and tie job, and they realized it was not making them happy and it was not for them.


This product, Talk Fusion, features video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. All of this allows for someone that has a big idea to turn it into a big business. They also have the luxury of working from the comfort of their own home, setting their own hours, and spending more time with their family. All of these are good things and they allow people to have a better life overall.


Bob Reina is also big in the community in terms of giving back. Even though he works hard and has earned everything he has in his life, he knows that with those earnings, he can do something special and something earth shattering, such as his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has always had a soft spot for animals and quite frankly, who doesn’t?


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This is exactly the statement you will hear from a company like US Money Reserves. For those of you who don’t know, US Money Reserves is a financial institution. Unlike so many other financial entities out there, US Money spends time helping and guiding customers into making good money and investment choices.

They don’t just want to take your money and run. It’s your money. US Money wants to make sure your investments stay in one place, for a very long time.


Chief among their guiding techniques is the investment in gold.


Some of you might be thinking this is a strange choice. Why Gold? What does gold have that other financial investments don’t have? The firm is here to explain their reasoning, along with a few benefits.


Let’s take a look at what they have to say.


Gold has a simplicity about it. It can not be manufactured anywhere, unlike paper money. It’s pretty scarce. You really have to look into some reputable places, places like US Money Reserve, to find it. This all leads up to the simplicity of it. It can not be destroyed. This makes it more viable in the economy, especially when you consider how banks are not as reliable as they once were.


It’s relatively low in many areas. Which means what? The demand is going to be higher. It’s not really going to be devalued in any way. Gold works this way. As the price comes down, the demand will get higher. As the demand gets higher, the prices start to go up. The price might be going up, at certain intervals, but the value will stay the same. You won’t get this from paper money, ever.


It’s pretty much guaranteed to be safe. You can add it to your financial portfolio without much risk, if there is any at all. This suits investors just fine. Investors want a product that will add a density to their portfolio, but without the risk attached. Gold offers this.


The taxes are also a big benefit. There aren’t any. There’s no VAT. When it comes to the UK Sovereign Banks, the Capital Gains Tax isn’t there. This makes it very attractive for everyone involved. It will also provide for a nice family heirloom.


If you want to find out more about gold and how US Money Reserves can help you plan out your investments, please visit the link here.

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ClassDojo Helps Students, Teachers, and Parents Connect


In today’s age of Information Technology, it is much simpler to chat through a smart phone or device. ClassDojo makes communication between teacher’s parents simple and fun. Communication is s key element in student success. Teachers have a busy schedule and so do parents. It’s easy to lose communication. Children do not always give notes from the teacher to their parents and messages do not always get relayed correctly. This app allows teachers to have more time with the students. They can easily send information all in one simple place.

ClassDojo is a platform used by teachers and parents to communicate about their students’ progress grades and even their behavior. Teachers can post pictures and videos of their class. Parents and children can view pictures and videos of classroom events. Students can show their path to education by adding photos and videos. They can personalize their portfolios by choosing a colorful monster avatar to represent themselves. They can upload their achievements and pictures to share with their parents. Parents and Teachers can message each other. There is a behavior chart for the teachers using a points system. In this system, they can deduct and add points to the children individually and to the entire class. ClassDojo is completely customizable. You can integrate other programs in ClassDojo is a great tool for tracking classroom or student progress. Tracking progress helps children and teachers work towards goals together.

Class Dojo is so popular that now is used in 90% of elementary schools. Class Dojo also offers free resources to help students, parents, and teachers use the app. There is a printable introduction letter for teachers to give to the students and parents. There are also videos to for viewing. The app is an extremely simple to use. It is available to be downloaded for free on Android or Apple phones and tablets. If you do not have a device to download it on, you can just use the website. Notifications will be sent through your email. Communication is simple with Class Dojo.

Anybody Can Benefit From Wen Cleansing Conditioner

WEN All Natural Hair Care

Picture 2380

Many women have found that Wen conditioning cleanser is the best hair cleanser that they have ever used on their hair. Many women use a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and condition their hair, but they do not realize that those same products are stripping their hair of its natural oils. The difference with WEN conditioning cleanser is that it does not lather when a person puts it in their hair. Quite often a woman is used to having lather in her hair when she washes it, but that lather is actually detrimental to the overall health of hair. Sulfates are the ingredients that are found in shampoos, and they are what generally make shampoo lather. Sulfates are harsh and they strip hair of its oils and moisture.

When Chaz Dean created Wen cleansing conditioner because he wanted to be able to offer his clients something different from the norm. Dean wanted to be able to offer his clients a conditioning cleanser that was made with natural ingredients that would actually improve the quality of their hair while leaving hair looking beautiful. Chaz Dean created the WEN condition cleanser after he opened up a few hair salons in California. Dean worked with celebrities, and he found that many of the products that he was using on their hair was not able to give him the effect that he wanted.

Learn More: Celebrity Hairstylist Chaz Dean Talks What It Is Like Developing Natural and Effective Hair Products

Dean started getting interested in making his own hair care product, and he worked with some of the industries leading hair product manufacturers. Dean was able to create a product that he loved. WEN cleansing conditioner has now been around for many years, and it has been tried and tested by many women. Chaz Dean offers all his customers a 60 day money back guarantee when they try his products. There have been testimony from thousands of women around the world that have even sent in before and after photos of their hair.

Purchase a bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner today!

Magnises Is Billy McFarland’s Exclusive Club


He is only 23 years old, yet he is already making bold moves in business. His name is Billy McFarland, and he has founded a company named Magnises. It is a social club that gives exclusive privileges to an elite circle of members. It does this through its special black card. The card can be used to avail special events and deals that are only accessible to members.

Billy says that he has created a platform for the elite millennial who wants to expand his social network. His black card program connects people together in whole new ways. It is targeted at people aged 21-35 who work in fashion, finance and information technology. His members carry their black card with them at all times so they can access the benefits of the program. It is convenient because it is linked to your credit card or bank card.

The card has a solid feel to it because it is fashioned out of metal. There is gravitas associated with pulling your black card out from your wallet.

You can use it in bars, clubs, restaurants, getaways and even private concerts. You can get a private performance from Ja Rule or Rick Ross. You can take a helicopter ride out to the Hamptons. You can do all these things while getting a discount.

Once you sign up for the program, you will have instant access to deals. There is a mobile application that helps you explore the benefits of being a member. 6,000 people already have the Magnises card. It only costs $250 a year to get all the benefits.

Magnises is looking for companies to join its team. Billy McFarland has always been an entrepreneur. He dropped out of college his freshman year because he knew his purpose in life already. The result of his hard work is Magnises, and he is succeeding brilliantly.

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How to Decide on the Right Business Lawyer for Your Need


When you are trying to pick the best business enterprise litigation lawyer, you may start by making a list of business or corporate litigation lawyers in your area and checking to be sure they are licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. You may compare them based on their experience with litigation matters and their reputation for obtaining satisfactory outcomes.


One of the most important parts of selecting the best business enterprise litigation lawyer or attorney is making sure the lawyer you get is licensed and experienced. You may check with the legal advisers you are looking into to make sure they not only are experienced with business organization law cases, but also with handling business or corporate litigation cases in particular.


When you are trying to pick a business litigation lawyer, you will also want to take into consideration reputation. Business or corporate litigation isn’t really always clear-cut, and as such, you may feel more comfortable hiring a lawyer or attorney who has a good track record for obtaining desirable outcomes, especially litigation involving the type of dispute for which you are involved in.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has over 22 years of experience representing clients in business and corporate litigation matters. Before starting his own law office, Ricardo Tosto worked in a small law practice where he concentrated on business and corporate litigation. Ricardo Tosto advises and represents both startups and mutlinational companies and corporations. He has represented clients in some of the most complex legal matters in Brazil and has achieved a tremendous reputation in the legal community.

He has extensive experience taking care of a broad range of business and corporate arguments, and clients benefit immensely from his knowledge and enormous expertise. Ricardo Tosto has been recognized as a powerful legal counsel, especially as a business litigation specialist.

The Successful Career And Charitable Acts Of Dick Devos


Dick DeVos is the son of Helen and Richard DeVos. He grew up being involved in Amway Corporation as his father was the co-founder of the healthcare, household and personal care products distributor. The qualified jet pilot started working formally at Amway in 1974 where he served in various divisions. He later became the vice-president of the company’s international operations. During his tenure, the international sales grew tremendously. In 1989, he started Windquest Group a firm with holdings in manufacturing, economically and environmentally sustainable energy alternatives.


His family acquired the Orlando Magic, a basketball franchise in 1991. The national champion sailor proceeded on to be the team’s president and CEO for about three years. The Northwood University alumni returned to Amway in 1993 and served as the company’s CEO. As the president of Amway, Dick DeVos led the company in expanding to more than 50 countries. In 2000 Amway was restructured to partner with other companies to form Alticor Corporation, a process he oversaw. He retired from the corporation in 2002 and concentrated with his company, Windquest Group where he is currently the president.


His passion to make the world better encouraged him to run for the 2006 gubernatorial seat in Michigan State though he was not successful. Dick has led several community initiatives in the state and also educational reform movement. He is the author of “Rediscovering American Values” a book that was a New York Times bestseller. The father of four has served and also serves on various boards such as Michigan State Chamber of Commerce, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, Willow Creek Association and Spectrum Health System among others. Dick is the founder and the chairperson of West Michigan Aviation Academy, a public school based at Gerald Ford International Airport.


Dick is married to Betsy DeVos, and together they have touched so many lives through their charitable acts. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has donated funds to Dick DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Hope College, American Education Reform Council, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Children First America and Rehoboth Christian School. As co-chairs of Education Freedom Fund, Dick and Betsy facilitated scholarships to low-income families. In 2008 they established Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship to support students from developing countries so that they may earn MA, MBA or MSA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. They have also funded a study of pollution sources of Lake Macatawa.