Ronald Fowlkes Started a Company for Valuable Law Enforcement Support


For Ronald Fowlkes, helping law enforcement professionals is a part of who he is. As someone who has worked in law enforcement for most of his career, Ronald Fowlkes knew there would be a time where he would need to help other people. He has always been working on helping others and he knows there are many things he can do to actually help them. For Ronald Fowlkes to provide these valuable tools he has created through his company, Eagle Products, he knows it is what has allowed him the chance to give law enforcement officials the support they need. Helping them is exactly what has led him to this point and what has given him the things he needs in different areas of sales and support. There are many ways in which Ronald Fowlkes has given these opportunities to other people who may not have had a chance to have them otherwise.


While Ronald Fowlkes has always been an active member in the law enforcement community, he has known about all the things he can do to help officers for many years. He has also learned what works best for providing support. Ronald Fowlkes has always been someone who is comfortable with helping other people and someone who knows what he wants from different situations. This has made him the ideal law enforcement officer. It has also made him someone who knows what he wants out of life and out of the career he has in place.


The military training Ronald Fowlkes had in the past is exactly what positioned him for the future. It is what allowed him the chance to make things better and the ability to try different things on his own. Ronald Fowlkes has done many different things that have all led back to his career as a law enforcement official. He has also done things that he has made sure to help people with. Combining these two things is what will give him the opportunity to continue helping people and giving them everything they need while they are in the law enforcement community.


Bringing a positive action to the way he does things is part of what has allowed Ronald Fowlkes to continue helping people. He has always known what he wants in life and has stuck to it. By being decisive and having a positive attitude about how he can help people, Ronald Fowlkes has set himself up as a great influence on other people who are in law enforcement careers. He knows there are many paths he could take to get to that point but he also knows the paths generally lead to him making sure he can help people with the issues they are facing.


Daniel Taub’s Career in International Law and Negotiation Theory


Daniel Taub is a respected diplomat. Born in 1962 in Great Britain, Mr. Taub studied at Oxford, University College in London, and the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. in 1989, Taub moved to Israel, and he served in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) as a medic and reserve officer. In 1991, he started working in the Foreign Ministry, and between 2011 and 2015, he served as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. Currently, Mr. Taub is works at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation as their Director of Strategy and Planning.



Daniel Taub’s Career in International Law and Diplomacy



Daniel Taub’s background is in international law. In fact, he has written a lot on international law topics, including Israel as well as the Middle East in general. His articles have been published in top magazines and newspapers, such as the Guardian, the Times, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Telegraph. He also has a book to his name, called Parasha Diplomatit. His book provides insights on biblical issues, where he analyses sections of the Torah. The book is written from his own political, religious and humorous perspective.



As a diplomat, Mr. Taub was involved in many negotiations. For instance, he was involved in the peace negotiations between Israel and Persia. He was also involved in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine. While serving as the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, he also ensured that the ties between the two countries were strengthened. His areas of focus included sports, education, trade and technology. In fact, he was recognized as one of the nominees for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award because of these efforts.



Daniel Taub is passionate about international law. He not only writes but he also gives lectures on international law as well as negotiation theory. In his earlier life, he also worked as President Chaim Herzog’s speechwriter. Apart from his international law related engagements, Mr. Taub is also a creative. He is the chief scriptwriter, and creator of HeChatzer, an Israeli drama series. The drama is centered on the Hasidic sect, and it breaks religious stereotypes in the Israeli society.



Even with his tenure over, Mr. Taub is still passionate about diplomacy and international law. He still gives public lectures, and he is also interviewed for news segments on television stations such as CNN, Sky News and BBC.

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Who is Rick Smith, the visionary leader of Securus Technologies Inc?


Rick Smith is the president and the CEO of SECURUS Technologies Inc. since June 2008. Immediately he got into the leadership of the company; everyone felt happy that he would drive Securus to the highest levels in the global market. Rick Smith has a robust personality with the required skills in management that have seen this global crime control company grow from one level to another until it was able to outsmart its fierce competitor, the Global Tech Link. His commitment to the development of every department of the company has yielded a lot of results in the North American prisons as well as the US al large.

Securus Technologies Inc. is a Texas-based prison Technology Company in Dallas City. It started its operations in 1986. However, since then, it had caught up to the levels of the global company until in 2014 under the leadership of Rick Smith when it began to open its branches in other cities like Georgia. The renowned mathematician and IT expert have made Securus develop at a higher speed increasing its service base to more than 1 million prisoners. The company also became stable to the extent that the employees’ population increased tremendously from below 100 to more than 1000 people as well as more than 2200 public safety and law enforcement facilities both in Canada and the US. Due to his competence and commitment, Rick Smith has spearheaded the development of criminal investigations, monitoring the inmates as well as criminal justice through the use of modern technology.

Rick Smith has unique skills and the most outstanding background intertwined with an admirable track record in every company he works. He just never let himself down. He has the determination. Firstly, Rick Smith has had a vast experience in management for more than two decades now. Between 1972 and 1998, Mr. Smith secured a chance at the Global Crossing Industry in the North America where he served as both as an IT expert and financial manager. However, in from 2000 to 2008 he has been working with Eschelon Telecom Inc. in different capacities. He has been the chief financial officer, the chief operating officer, and the president driving the company into the sky limits before he finally left for Securus Technologies Industry. In 2008, he joined this famous company rising through the ranks due to his hard work. In two years, he managed to be in the leading position in the company, the CEO.

Rick Smith has a wide range of skills due to his elaborate scope of education. Rick Smith is an associate degree holder in science (Electrical Engineering) from Rochester Institute of Technology. He first graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Science (Electrical Engineering) from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He then proceeded with his Master’s degree in mathematics in the same university in Brockport and another master’s course in Business Administration from the University of Rochester, Simon School.

Lori Senecal: Transforming the Branding and Advertising Industry


The branding and advertising industry is constantly growing and requires strategic leaders for firms to succeed. Lori Senecal has managed to succeed in the industry by acquiring great recognitions for her input and dedication. She is visionary and brilliant in applying the best skills and expertise to contribute greatly to growth of companies. Lori is known for her work as an exceptional leader who influences and motivates teams to achieve organizational growth and increase employee output.

Lori Senecal is an alumnus of McGill University where she studied bachelors in commerce. She undertook a concentration in finance and marketing which provided her with the necessary knowledge to succeed in the field. Senecal has succeeded in establishing a great career in advertising. She has worked with the best companies in the field and has been involved in overseeing the transformation of small companies to global firms.

Lori achieved her greatest accomplishments in her career working at KBS. She joined the company as a chief executive officer and president. The company was facing challenges related to employee retention which slowed growth and reduced revenue. According to Ad Week, after joining as the head, Senecal was able to transform it to a global player acquiring global agencies. Its employees grew from two hundred to more than eight hundred with global brand awareness.

Senecal had prior experience at McCann where she served as president. She introduced change that was needed for growth by providing new and effective leadership style. Lori later worked at MDC Partners as its chief executive officer. Her role was executing the company’s global strategies and expansion. She performed this role exceptionally and led to increased global presence and brand growth. Senecal still holds this position despite her recruitment at Crispin Porter &Bogusky as a CEO, claims campaign live. Both companies recognize her importance in their productivity and are honored to have her in their teams.

Lori is committed to helping others in the field grow and mentoring women to take up leadership roles. She appeared at the 3% conference that recognizes women in leadership where she encouraged creativity to solve some of the challenges experienced in the industry. Read more about Lori on


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News Watch is the Trusted Initiator of News Based on its Reviews

Over the recent years, technology has been the best way to pass information regardless of age but to mostly millennials. Be it business advertisements, news. Or even articles and videos the message they contain are better featured via technology. NewsWatch TV has been one of the technological inventions that have and still are changing lives.

Different organizations and businesses have spiked up their sales and popularity with the help of News Watch TV. For instance, Contour design had a campaign whereby they sought assistance from News watch. This is because the video they made for contour for marketing purposes gave them a positive impact. Sales enhanced tremendously given very many people saw what they stood for, therefore; ameliorated their sales.

News Watch is a trusted creator of news like health, technology, entertainment, finance, travel, medicine among others. It is located in located in Washington, DC. This show which is hosted by Tropeano is aired weekly. It has been operational since way back in 1990.Since then, more than 10,000 stories have been featured. The stories have been on diverse topics. The show has not only been given recognition by business people but also celebrities, for they use it as forums to pass different information. Considering its extensive clientele, that is, 96 million households around the country this means it is the best way to reach a lot of people.

One might see how far the show has reached, but what is evident is that due to hard work it has achieved where it is now. The reviews and responses from clientele from all sides of the nation are enough evidence on quality of work. Several business ventures or rather other shows have a thing or two to are from News Watch TV. This show is just awesome and what they are doing is commendable.

The Contributions of the Academy of Arts University to the Future of Design


New York Fashion Week is a platform through which rare talents are discovered. On September 9th, 2017, the Academy of Arts University represented by its fashion design school held its 21st runway showcase. The designer’s diverse backgrounds were evident in their fashion designs and ideas. According to Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model, the craftsmanship techniques were impressive. A combination of hours in classes, workshops, and internships was essential to the development of the group. All the hours put into the work were represented on the 15 minutes runway. The designs showcased in front of their peers, mentors and the world depicted their visions.


The designs showcased represented each student’s thoughts and inspirations. Hailun Zhou design came from an observation and photographs taken during a creative concept class. From her inspiration, came designs made from PVC and fabrics. Zhou is to take part in the CFDA showcase. Saya Shen a designer from Beijing, China was inspired by a variety of landscapes to bring life to digital prints on oversized silhouettes. Part of the nature scenes represented was the snow forms in Hokkaido and the San Francisco topography. With the help of Kornit Digital, Saya transferred the landscape onto the fabrics. Another fascinating design came from Cana Klebanoff. Her design was inspired by the Japanese Samurai’s Armour with little elements of nature and castles. The design communicated a sense of comfort, pride, and strength. She was awarded a scholarship to study in Paris, France at Studio Bercot.


Academy of Art University is responsible for nurturing the talents of students in a variety of fields. It was formerly known as Academy of Art College. AAU is privately-owned and located in San Francisco, California. The University was established in 1929 by Richard S Stephens. It has a population of 12,600 students, 283 full-time lecturers and 1154 lecturers working on a part-time basis.


The University provides a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. Over the years, they have maintained an inclusive admission policy to all student meeting the requirements. They adopt a disciplined approach that helps the students develop individual styles. They also provide an environment that enhances creativity. Additionally, they help the students to land internship opportunities.


In several cases, the University creates a platform through which the students can showcase their skills to potential employers and mentors. The University has received a collection of awards including the Pacific West Conference Community Engagement Award for their philanthropy.


Malcolm Casselle’s house of WAX


The Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX, is a platform for participation in marketplaces of virtual game assets. The goal of WAX is to create marketplaces for game assets where there were none, and to enable ownership of assets, making the economy of game assets more accessible by means of linking it to cryptocurrency exchanges. Malcolm Casselle, the founder of WAX, hopes to ensure the validity of tokens on the blockchain by having the system regulated by guilds and tying the reputation of guilds to their regulatory performance.


Malcolm Casselle is an entrepreneur and president of new ventures at Tronc, Inc. He is the president of WAX and the president and CEO of Tribune Publishing. As well as heading two companies directly, he has been an early investor in Bitcoin, Zync, and Facebook.


In general Casselle’s career is that of a funder of startup capital. He is a mentor at Plug and Play Bitcoin, and at advisor at Sensay, DirectTech Labs, Bringhub, PrettyQuick, WeRecover, and Votocast. He is a board member at Timeline Labs, of which he was previously the CEO, having built a team, raised capital, guided the product to completion, and led the team to market success.


His biggest projects have involved Groupon and PCCW. For Groupon, he led the largest P&L for Groupon China, growing to many millions of dollars in revenue within the space of a year prior to the IPO. His work with Groupon China led many of his teammates to remember him favorably as someone who communicates objectives. For PCCW, Casselle played a founding role in the startup team, taking the company from private startup to public company and quickly raising $4 billion in equity funding. After securing the funding Casselle helped build the broadband public offerings, drove M&A, and directed strategic investments.


Casselle is currently invested in Blockchain Capital, BTCC China, Data Collective, WeRecover, Alpharank, Arsenic, Bringhub, Cryptocurrency partners, MediMeals, and Xfire.


Richard Blair Provides Investment Knowledge


Investing can be a difficult thing to do if you do not have anyone to give you advice. Fortunately, natives of Texas do not have this problem. They have access to Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, and he is just what many new investors need when they are trying to create a portfolio that will be successful.


Portfolio building is something that people have to work on constantly. It is not one of those concepts that people can set and forget. It takes time to learn the market, and people need to analyze the decisions that have been made.


Richard Blair can help people with all of these different things. He is skilled in the areas of estate planning and financial planning. He knows about a lot of different things that can change the course of investing for new investors.


People that really want to see their money earn more money will look to a financial planner like Richard Blair. He knows exactly what it takes to make a solid investment in the stock market. He also knows how to help people that do not want to take as much risk by providing alternative investments.


There are people in the investment world that may only know about stocks, and they may not have much information about mutual funds and securities. Richard Blair is the one that people can talk to about getting connected to Morning Star or Fidelity mutual fund investments. He can also help people that are trying to learn about investment possibilities that come with annuities. There are Vanguard index funds that people can put their money into. There are so many possibilities that people can take outside of the stock market.


There certainly are going to be some people that are please with the way that stocks bring about high returns on investments, but the same people will find themselves skeptical about putting a hundred percent into stocks once they lose money on some of these investments. Learn more:


They will double back and look at the way that their portfolio is organized. They will have a desire to make better choices that divide risky and moderate growth inside the portfolio. That may be the main reason that Richard Blair is needed. He is a person that connects people with alternatives to what they may have been considering for investing. This makes him a valuable resource to many investors.


Nathaniel Ru Makes Path to Success


It has been said that no one gets to a destination successfully without planning ahead. Nathaniel Ru is a firm believer in this, and he created a roadmap to success long before Sweetgreen became the sensations it is today.

Nathaniel Ru initially started with a blank slate of simply wanting to create a healthy food option for those that did not have access to this. It was important to him because he was one of the people that desired something like this.

Nathaniel Ru would find himself in a place where he really wanted to give people the chance to eat healthy if this was their desire to do so. In creating this he made a decision to move beyond the processed foods that were commonplace in society today. Nathaniel Ru had a plan for success, and he wanted to incorporate farmers in areas where he was planning to open Sweetgreen restaurants to make his dream a reality.

That was the first part of the puzzle that Nathaniel managed to bring together. As time went on people started to talk about this restaurant in a positive manner, and it became something of a phenomenon in areas like New York City. Nathaniel realized that he could go off the beaten path and still find success if he did things with passion. He would play close attention to detail, and he would definitely utilize the platform of social media to market his restaurant.

These formed all the stepping stones that would give Nathaniel an audience that would become more engaged with the possibilities of eating healthy.

Nathaniel would actually open up a serious dialogue about eating healthy and what it would really take for people to consider healthy food over the common burgers, chicken sandwiches, tacos and sub sandwiches that they were consuming on a regular basis. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Many people that were patrons of fast food menus would often say that they were eating this way because it was cheap. This is true. The reality, however, is that many people that were lured into restaurants that have fast food menus would often find themselves ordering things that came in extra value sizes.

There were supersizing meals and paying much more than they initially thought that they would spend. What Nathaniel Ru did to lure these customers is offer Sweetgreen menu items that were comparable to what consumers were spending in fast food establishments.

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Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet


Looking At the Future of Healthcare Through OVME With Dr. M. McKenna


Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA, as a general practitioner, licensed in surgery. As a general practitioner working side-by-side with his father in a New Orleans medical practice, Mark became very interested in launching a new investment business, McKenna Venture Investments. Successfully achieving his goals in real estate development, McKenna acquired Universal Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. With the growth of these two businesses, McKenna had all real estate venues covered from real estate development through real estate closing services.

After Hurricane Katrina swept through the city of New Orleans demolishing the city in 2005, Dr. McKenna was very active in the rebuilding of low to moderate cost housing to bring comfort and beauty back to the city left in such sorrowful condition after the hurricane struck.

In 2007, Dr. McKenna continued his practice as a physician, completed his dedication to the rebuilding of New Orleans, and moves his family and practice to Atlanta, GA. McKenna launches ShapeMed. ShapeMed, a wellness and aesthetic facility devoted to the health and well-being of his patients successfully grew in the size of the practice and popularity. ShapeMed became known as a leading laser/aesthetic center and was then named Allergan Inc. ranked 156th. Allergen provides state-of-the-art laser treatment centers in the United States demonstrating a commitment in the field of excellence and continues to receive the Black Diamond Status with Allergan.

The ShapeMed Wellness Center also promotes its premier medical weight loss and non-surgical aesthetic clinic. This segment of the clinic is managed by an extensively trained medical staff, dietitians, and nutritionists dedicated to the health and well-being of every patient with affordable and healthy weight loss solutions. The programs are specifically tailored to the individual, meeting all health and medical requirements of each patient. All prescriptions are overseen by a medical doctor and accompanied by licensed nutritionists. Dr. McKenna sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness in 2014.

Today, Dr. McKenna is the Founder and CEO of OVME, a firm established to reinvent elective healthcare. OVME is a technology-based, medical aesthetic facility designed for the consumer highly interested in the health and well-being of their life.