Alastair Borthwick: A Unique Perspective


Throughout his 90 years, Alastair Borthwick had many pursuits within literature and media, all of which gave him a unique perspective on life in many ways. Known for his work as an author and broadcaster, he spent much of his life working for newspapers, publishing books, and presenting radio and television broadcasts on politics, war, and other important subjects of the day. However, along the way, he also served in the military during World War II, which was the basis for many of his great literary works.

A school dropout at age 16, Alastair Borthwick nevertheless found fame along the way. Upon getting a job as a copytaker with the Glasgow Evening Times, he quickly parlayed the experience gained there into a position with the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Along with being given the chance to write columns on various subjects, he also began to notice trends among young working-class residents in the area, such as their fascination with rock climbing. Delving more into the subject, he eventually published his first book in 1939, titled Always a Little Further. Popular from the start, it has yet to ever be out of print.

Along with this book, Alastair Borthwick has also published books detailing his experiences as an intelligence officer during World War II. With the publication of Sans Peur, he had another highly-acclaimed literary work, which was unique in that it was written from the perspective of an infantryman, rather than high-ranking generals.

Despite his success as an author, Alastair Borthwick chose to instead focus almost exclusively on radio and television broadcasting once his military service was complete. Known for writing and presenting programs on people and politics past and present, he received yet more acclaim for his broadcast production Scottish Soldier, a 13-part series detailing the history of Scottish regiments.

Due to his esteemed career in literature and media, Alastair Borthwick was given numerous honors, one of which was the prestigious Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Given to him in 1952, it was awarded based on his work in organizing an event during the Festival of Britain. Get Borthwick’s Life Among the Scots here.

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Robert Ivy Explains Why AIA Membership Is A Positive


Membership of any professional trade association is positive in the view of the Executive Vice-President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy has held the position of CEO with the AIA since 2011 when the respected architect, writer, and editor left his role as leader of the “Architectural Record” magazine and took over the running of the association. Ivy is not akin to fanciful statements but is, instead minded to analyze every aspect of a decision before it is made.

When asked why a trade association is a positive idea, Robert Ivy answers with a number of facts about how an architect or any professional can benefit from joining a trade association. Firstly, the chance to work with those who have been excelling in their industry for many years is not one to be missed as a vast amount of knowledge and experience is out there. Not only do these associations give a professional the chance to work with their peers but any work completed for the American Institute of Architects can be included on the resume of a member. Both paid and unpaid work is available with the AIA and other associations which can add to the experience any professional has worked with leading experts in their field.

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Robert Ivy also believes the chance to further a career can be achieved simply by joining and becoming an active member of a professional body. Membership to the AIA is seen by many potential employers as a sign of the success being achieved by an architect as they move through their career. Many employers state membership of the AIA is something they look for as a sign an architect is at the peak of their powers and looking to achieve their best at all times.

Furthering their career through career training opportunities and seminars held on a regular basis is an aspect of the AIA Robert Ivy strongly believes in. Learning from the experience of others can stop other architects from making similar mistakes to those made in the past and increase the skills of thousands of architects across the U.S.

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Randal Nardone Is Leading Fortress Investment Group Into The Future


Randal Nardone has held many positions over his career. These include, portfolio manager, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and a host of other positions for many different companies. In 1998 he, and other individuals, founded Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Principal & Director at Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone began his professional journey as a young man at the University of Connecticut. He earned a B.A in English and Biology from the University and went on to earn his JD at Boston University School of Law.

Earlier in his career Randal Nardone served as a partner at the Thacher, Proffitt, and Wood. He also served as a member of the executive committee at the law firm. From there, he changed his course and accepted a position at Blackrock Financial Management. In 1997 he accepted the position as managing director at UBS. In May 1998, after a year at UBS, Randal founded Fortress.

In 2017 SoftBank Group, a Japanese banking company, acquired Fortress. After the acquisition, SoftBank kept the entire leadership team, including Randal Nardone, in place. SoftBank will allow Fortress to continue to do what they have always done. They will look for investments in places that others ignore.

Mr. Nardone Believes that this acquisition is a great thing for the company as a whole. He believes that this will allow Fortress Investment Group to grow even faster than before.

Randal Nardone, co-founder and current CEO at Fortress Investment group, has held many positions over his career. His unique career has given him special insight to the investment world. This insight is a large part of the reason that Fortress Investment Group has been successful in finding quality, often non-traditional, investments. He is optimistic about his company’s future after their acquisition by SoftBank and is looking forward to leading Fortress through future growth.

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The Accomplishments of New York Lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein (UPDATED)


UPDATE 6-27 Lavish Dinner Hosted By Jeremy Goldstein To Promote Awareness of Mental Illness And the Fountain House

Mental Illness has taken a forefront because of the rise of mental illness and the impact on the community. Suicides are on the rise and when it’s really looked it, the lack of awareness and support needed for mental illness isn’t fully there. There are over 85% of people that suffer from mental illness and are unemployed, homeless, and struggle each and every day of their lives. They often feel alone and that makes them tend to pull further within themselves unable to find a way out.


Jeremy Goldstein hosted a dinner on May 22nd, promoting awareness of mental illness and also promoting the Fountain House. The Fountain House is an organization that helps men and women that suffer with mental illness. The extravagant dinner offered the finest of gourmet foods and fine wines. 100% of the proceeds go to the Fountain House. The Fountain House came to be in 1944, by six people. Those six people named their organization, “We Are Not Alone”. It wasn’t until 1948 that the organization’s name changed because of the purchase of a new location, that included a garden and a fountain. That is when it became the Fountain House.


The organization’s goals are simple. They are to provide care, support, education, and new skills to those that suffer from mental illness. The Fountain House builds confidence in individuals so that their self esteem grows. They work on providing them with the skills to maintain relationships, maintain employment, and maintain a dwelling. With the help of the Fountain House, 42% have gained employment and the combined revenue from those are $2 million annually.


Each member of the Fountain House works within their community in education, membership, reception, culinary, and horticulture. This work helps the individuals build themselves up so that their lives are improved within the community. Once the members reach a certain point, they can seek employment outside of the Fountain House to other businesses and organizations in New York City.


Jeremy Goldstein founded his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Prior to this he worked and was partner of a large law firm in New York. For the last 10 years, Jeremy Goldstein has handled many large corporate transactions including corporations such as Duke Energy, Goodrich by United Technologies, Alltel, and NYSE Group Inc. to name just a few. He is also on the chair of the American Bar Association Business Section and he advises on corporate governance. He went to school at NYU and holds a J.D., he also attended the University of Chicago and earned a M.A. there, and last but not least, he holds a B.A. from Cornell University.

UPDATE: Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Providing Counsel on Corporate Governance and Compensation Issues


New York residents now have a new and a handy system of getting a lawyer within their community with the appropriate experience to tackle their legal problems. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), a trusted Bar Association based in New York State recently launched a new online gateway for those people seeking lawyers. You can access this confidential service 24/7 at If you choose, you can also use their telephone service.


Most people often require the services of a lawyer in times of pressure. The LRIS is a great way to obtain legal assistance. According to Claire P. Gutekunst, the State’s Bar President you can have the confidence that the service will match you with reputable lawyers whose testimonials have undergone the State Bar Association’s review.


The State Bar Association designed the online portal with, a company that provides the legal sector with referral management technology in the country. In a nutshell, this is how this online service operates:

  • A person looking for an attorney visits the website and fills a personal questionnaire explaining their legal problem and the location as well.
  • The State Bar employees will then go through the questionnaire and match up the client with a lawyer who resides nearby or in the same community.
  • If you live in one of those counties run by LRIS, the State Bar Association will then forward your application to the relevant county bar association.
  • These referrals are free of charge. If you engage the referred lawyer, you will pay a fee of $35 for the first 30 minutes of your consultation with exceptions of issues related to social security, personal injury, unemployment, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice as well as military and veterans’ law. After the first consultation, the additional lawyer fees are entirely dependent on the lawyer and the client.


In the recent past, several corporations have stopped offering their employees with various stock options. Some companies have done that to save money; however, the reason is complex. Three primary challenges persuade firms to stop the benefits.

The first one is that stock value may decrease thus making it extremely challenging for employees to enjoy their options. The second reason is that most employees do not find the compensation method reliable.

Employees understand that economic downturns render their options worthless. The third reason is that such options lead to significant accounting burdens. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The compensation method may also be preferable to additional equities, wages, or insurance coverage. The method is easy because it is easy for employees to understand various stock options. The compensation method creates equality among employees.

Additionally, options provided boost employee’s earnings if the shares of the corporation rise. It thus encourages individuals to prioritize the success of the firm. Employees also may work extremely hard to satisfy clients, develop creative services, or attract new clients.

Different Internal Revenue Service regulations make it challenging to supply workers with equities. This mostly happens when firms develop compensation for top employees. Companies may also face huge tax burdens if they offer shares as opposed to options.

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the founders of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates Company. His company offers advice to compensation committees, management teams, CEOs, and corporate governance matters. Before establishing his firm, Jeremy Goldstein served at Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton, and Katz.

According to Crunchbase, Jeremy Goldstein has worked as a business lawyer for approximately 15 years. Jeremy Goldstein has played significant roles in transactions involving notable companies such as Merck, Bank One, Duke Energy, Verizon, and Chevron among others. Jeremy Goldstein is also a board member of Fountain House and a modern law journal.

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Fortress Investment Group Is One Of The Largest Investment Companies Founded By Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment Group, Founded By Randal Nardone

Founded By Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the top billionaires in the world for his role in the investment industry, specifically at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment was started up in the United States back in 1998 by Randal Nardone two other entrepreneurs. The founders were looking for their own company, but they needed more capital in order to get it started so they worked together. Today, all of the executives out of Fortress Investment Group are billionaires, including Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Rob Kauffman. With a net worth at around 2 billion dollars, Randal Nardone ranks in top 500 billionaires around the world, which is impressive when considering there are billions of people.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest investment firms in the US and they managed assets for thousands of different investors and companies around the globe. With leadership coming from Randal, Wes, and Peter, Fortress has managed to build up a portfolio of more than 40 billion dollars worth of assets under their control.

Randal is an accomplished academic as well with several degrees under his belt. First, Randal attended the University of Connecticut to earn his Bachelor’s in English and Biology. Later, Randal attended the Boston University School of Law to earn Juris Doctor degree, which is not an actual doctorate degree but rather a certification.

Softbank Corp purchased Fortress Investment Group in 2017, spending a whopping 3 billion dollars to purchase the alternative investment company. Luckily for Randal and many of the other executives at the company, Softbank left the management as is and is leaving operations as is. According to Randal Nardone, when a company is picked up by a larger corporation, they often impose new management or strategies, which would have been a mistake in the case of Fortress Investment Group given their excellent track record and executive management thus far.

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OSI Food Solutions & Its Path To Greatness


Greatness can come in various forms, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Luck can happen by chance while greatness is a work in progress. Hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance can make you successful, and there is one company that personifies this statement.

OSI Food Solutions is the food provider of choice for hundreds of businesses around the world. This company has one of the longest supply chains that spread across multiple continents. The president of OSI is David McDonald, and the CEO is Sheldon Lavin. These two individuals provide at least 60 years of experience when being combined, and they have taken OSI to the pinnacle of the industry.

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Before Lavin and McDonald took over the company back in the late ’70s, the Kolshowski family performed many of the daily operations. Otto Kolschowski, a German-immigrant, came to this country during the early 1900s. He was just one of the hundreds of thousands who flocked here by the end of World War I. Chicago, Illinois, was ground zero for this wave of immigration, and it boosted Chicago’s population by leaps and bounds. During this point in time, a quarter of the city’s population were of German decent. Kolschowski, and his family started the company in Oak Park, Illinois, before moving to Maywood, Illinois. This small meat market supplied its local community as well as supplied businesses throughout the Midwest.

When cryogenics came into fruition, OSI Food Solutions was able to distribute its meat products over long distances thanks to flash-freeze technology. The company became one of McDonald’s providers of meat. Thanks to such huge demand of beef, OSI Food Solutions had to stay on top of its game by building a state-of-the-art facility. This facility only functioned in the production of beef, and it came into fruition in 1973. Cost-driven products and cost reduction was the name of the game, and this is how OSI Food Solutions has marched all the way to the top.

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Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Gives His Suggestions On What To Do When In Rio De Janeiro


Guilherme Paulus has been in the tourism industry for about 45 years and in the hospitality industry for the past two decades. The first company he opened for business was CVC Tours. This started out very small but over time he grew it into a huge tourism operator and the largest company of its kind in Latin America. He then repeated this success as a hotelier. He launched GJP Hotel and Resorts and it is Brazil’s leading hotel and resorts provider. His hotel chain has over 3,000 rooms and it has locations in some of the greatest places in Brazil.

He operates three brands of hotels and resorts depending on if a traveler wants pure luxury, luxury mixed with value, or is more focused on value. These three brands are respectively Wish, Prodigy, and Linx. Guilherme Paulus says he enjoys helping every sort of person have a great time while visiting Brazil and seeing what it has to offer. He is Brazil’s travel insider and knows all of the best things to see and do. O hotel butique de Guilherme Paulus.

Of course, everyone knows about visiting Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Guilherme Paulus says it’s a very popular choice for both leisure and business travelers all over the world. It has an amazing mix of sun, sand, and music with plenty of amazing sightseeing attractions to visit. It’s right on the ocean so visitors can plan to do things both on land and on water. There are also a number of mountain peaks nearby to hike that feature amazing view both towards the ocean and towards the interior of Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus says that the big thing travelers do is really amazing. This is to get on a cable car and be transported to the peak of Sugar Mountain. From there you will see the internationally renowned Christ the Redeemer as well as really good views of Corcovado Mountain. He also suggests going to the Botanical Garden where they have over 5,000 types of fauna and flora including 900 species of palm trees. He has two hotels in Rio de Janeiro which are the Prodigy Santos Dumont and the Linx Galeao.

NGP VAN – Improving Campaign Capabilities



In 2015, NGP VAN announced they would release VAN5, scheduled for 2016. This release was the largest update to the VAN software to date. While most people were expecting small changes in the software, they found that NGP VAN essentially rebuilt the system from the ground up to improve online and offline integration and give a better UI than ever before.


MiniVAN Manager

In 2016, they released their MiniVAN Manager, which was a welcome addition to the NGP VAN Software collection. It enabled teams to engage with others while they were out working with the public. The data that was input by those going door-to-door campaigning could easily be fed back to staff members at headquarters, which helps track real-time data and improves accountability for those out in the field.


Building Your Campaign Volunteer Base

NGP VAN is well-known for providing software to aid in running a successful campaign or progressive group. However, they also give advice on how to run successful campaigns for those new to the concept. In a recent article they published in medium, Organizing 101: How to Recruit Your Volunteer Base, they offer valuable advice.


The most important strategies they offered can work to recruit for any type of campaign.


Show How Enthusiastic You Are About the Campaign

It is difficult to show enthusiasm all the time but people crave being part of an upbeat cause. They want to work with people who have an upbeat mentality, especially when it is a cause they believe in.


Networking Is Key

Networking is one of the most important things you can do for any campaign. It can help you build a volunteer base and help with your campaign results at the same time. Take advantage of your personal network of friends and family. Reach out to members of your community and other local groups for volunteers.


Schedule Meetings With Each Prospective Volunteer

Take time to schedule a one-on-one meeting with each person who wishes to volunteer. This will let you investigate their values and decide whether their personal views align with your campaign.


The simple steps they have laid out can help you develop a volunteer base that will represent your cause the same as you would. It gives you a chance to avoid volunteers that will cause damage to your campaign as well. Take time to check how every volunteer benefits you and your cause. Their dedication affects your results.



Rodrigo Terpins a Man of Many Interests


Rodrigo Terpins is a business man from the country of Brazil. He is a current member of the Control Block of Marisa Stores. He is a founder of ABEIM-ABVTEX, a Brazilian Textile Retail Association. Floresvale is a environmental reforestation company and Rodrigo Terpins is one of the partners in this company. He takes an interest in environmental sustainability. He also takes and interest in race car driving. He has many times participated in the Sertoes Rally. He has also driven in other race car rallies across Brazil.

He studied at the University of Sail Hilaire. His major was business management. In 2008 he formed his company named T5 Participacoes. The company is involved in organizing popular racing events throughout Brazil. He also has other interests. One of them is being involved in the growing E-commerce retail sector of the Brazilian economy. Different types of payment technologies now exist in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins is at the forefront of this technology. Until recently only people who have credit cards did not need to prove themselves to be authentic to make a payment. Debit modes of payment were made difficult. Now in Brazil it is easier to make debit card payments. A company named Adyen has made this possible. The company has a strong anti-fraud ability in the technology that it uses. It is now also possible to make purchases with online, mobile devices.

Rodrigo Terpins is concerned about being able to sustain the environment. He started a company called Floresvale. The purpose of this company was to come up with ways to improve environmental sustainability in Brazil. A large portion of the wood that is obtained from forests in Brazil has no official certification. Rodrigo Terpins and his business partners wanted to create a business that was ethical in nature and in doing so would help the environment and also bring about more certified sources of wood for the Brazilian people to have access to. Rodrigo Terpins is a varied man. From his interests in his college studies to him being active in the emerging E-commerce industry and his interest in the environment and racing he is a world asset. For more info you can visit


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Equities First Holdings Has A Smart Staff And Works With Integrity


Equities First Holdings has a smart staff and stays on top of all that is going on in the markets. The lending company uses stock-based loans to reach more clients than the typical company. It has offices in several countries. It has a simple process for those who are applying for a loan and works with businesses as well as individuals. Equities First Holdings has the goal of making 2,000 transactions and giving out over $2 billion. And it is well on its way to meeting that goal with over $1.4 billion already given out. Its clients trust it because it works with integrity.

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