John Goullet’s Successful Career in Providing Top IT Staffing Solutions to Companies


John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur that has pioneered multiple businesses within the IT industry. Currently, he is the Principle of Diversant LLC. John began his career in the IT sector as a consultant and later changed to an IT Staffing Account Executive. In 1994, he founded the Info Technologies Inc. and became the corporation’s CEO.

The company aimed at understanding the corporate environment as well as the client’s staffing needs after which it matched those desires to the appropriate skill set, work style, and personality of the IT consultants. Additionally, Info Technologies also offered IT solutions to Fortune 500 firm across the United States. Under John Goullet’s leadership, the company expanded to a value worth $30 million during its first five years of existence. As a result, it was ranked number eight on the 500 fastest growing private firms in the US by the Inc. Magazine. In 2010, John merged two corporations Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies and the result was DIVERSANT LLC.

In a recent interview at Ideamensch, John explained that he first had the idea to establish DIVERSANT approximately 24 years ago and after witnessing so many successful ventures in the IT staffing industry, he decided to give it a try. Mr Goullet commences his day by doing early morning workouts after which he heads to the office at 8 am and stays there until 6 pm and contact him.

John explains that new ideas are hatched from occurrences in the labor markets, which always has insufficient experts. John and his team brainstorm on the technologies that are in high demand and then incorporate them in the creation of skill sets that most clients require. John believes that technology is a broad concept that is ever growing and as such he sees a bright future for DIVERSANT as long as it serves its customers competently and what John knows.

Mr Goullet explains in the interview that productive paranoia has aided his productivity as an innovator. This is because the thought of competitors getting closer to him have kept him on his toes. Goullet explains that to grow a business, one needs to hire the best personnel available and offer some shares of the firm to them. Additionally, one needs to employ many trainees who need to be empowered and mentored continuously. Lastly, entrepreneurs need to foster a culture of accountability and John’s lacrosse camp.

Soros Long Time Philanthropist


George Soros has been involved in philanthropy since the 1970’s. He has given away over $12 billion dollars to various charities in his lifetime, and that number only continues to grow. Not only does he continue to give from his own fortune, but his various foundations and endowments have bloomed over the years creating even more wealth for philanthropic projects.

Without a doubt, his main focus has been on expanding human rights around the world to disenfranchised minorities. Whether it is an issue of racial oppression or LGBTQ rights, Mr. Soros has been at the forefront of action.

He inherited this desire for equality honestly. Hungarian-born, he is the son of Jewish survivors of the NAZI oppression and holocaust in his home country. Only by securing false papers was his family able to survive. Read more about George at The New York Times.

After World War II, he went to London, leaving the totalitarian regime that sprang up there as a satellite of the Soviet Union. After studying Economics and working in low-wage, labor jobs, he emigrated to the United States in 1956 where he built his fortune on Wall Street. By the 1980’s he was one of the top givers of money to philanthropic causes, and he continues to this day.

His network of organizations is called the Open Society Foundations. These various groups coordinate to participate in activism all over the world. At the core of their various goals are freedom of expression, respect for individual rights, and democratic governance.

His first major act was to begin a scholarship program for black students in South Africa during apartheid. He then worked for cultural exchanges and to help break down the tyrannical regimes of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he continued to promote cultural interaction. He funded universities in the former Warsaw Pact nations. He helped to foster peace and understanding during the early years of chaos after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

He has since been very active in the United States promoting the issue of marriage equality throughout the country, as well as having a big hand in the initiation of the medical marijuana movement. He continues to expand his giving in those areas, while being active in political movements both on local and national levels.

Mr. George Soros is truly an example of how one can excel in a free, capitalist system, but still remember where their humble beginnings. His empathy for working and oppressed peoples comes from personal experience living through many of the great horrors of the twentieth century. He now seems to be leading the way in stopping those horrors in the twenty-first.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Commitment to Assisting Those in Need


If you’ve experienced an incident where you need to hire an attorney and quickly, there’s great news for you. The New York Bar Association has started a program where you can find a great attorney online. You don’t have to spend hours searching either. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has launched a website at where you can enter your information quickly and someone will contact you with a matching attorney. People love this service because it saves them time and money as well as not having to comb through tons of advertisements. Attorneys love the service because they save time and money finding the right clients. If you accept the recommendation, you’re able to have a half-hour consultation for just $35. This is much less than many other consultation fees that can reach $100 plus for an hour.


A new firm has opened up called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. The managing partner Jeremy Goldstein has a long record of success, even with corporate giants. His boutique firm focuses on corporate matters that are sensitive in nature. Examples of this include corporate governance and executive wage matters. Having a wealth of experience and an excellent educational background has paved the pathway to success for Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in art history. He went on to get a master’s degree, also in art history. Eventually, he decided that law school was in order, so he attended New York University’s School of Law. Graduating with distinction on every academic level, he set out to work for a prominent firm, in which he eventually became a partner. Goldstein has also been involved in charity work in leadership roles for organizations like Fountain House, which assists those with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein not only takes care of his clients but those who are in need of compassion as well.


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Warren Buffet Advises Investors To Stay Safe From Market Volatility By Diversifying Their Investments


Warren Buffet feels that the financial market has many underperforming funds and that he can make better returns by investing in S&P 500 Passive Index Fund, and he actually might be right. Warren Buffet feels that the focus should be on long-term investment rather than thinking of cutting profits in short term as it can be risky, and does not add to the long term wealth creation strategy.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the stock market, and it is because he has been able to create a stock investment portfolio after carefully and analytically researching on the strips he invests in.

The stocks and funds that are fundamentally strong offer long-term value to the investors. When investing in funds, it needs to be checked what the management fees and the volume of trade are. It is due to these factors that the returns drop greatly, and the benefits never reach the end users. One other factor that significantly contributes to long-term wealth creation is to ensure that the investment portfolio is diversified across varied industries.

Tim Armour, who is also a highly prominent figure in the financial world and is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, feels that Warren Buffet is right with his assumptions about the current situation of the financial market. Tim Armour has graduated in Economics from the Middlebury College and has close to four decades of experience in the financial industry. Tim Armour says that for people to create wealth in the long-term, they need to start early and to stay safe from the market volatility; diversification of investments they make is an essential attribute.

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Troy McQuagge Wins the Prestigious One Planet Awards in the Gold Winner CEO of the Year Category


The One Planet Awards is an international premier program of awards honoring Professional and Business excellence in all industries globally. Organizations ranging from startups, SMEs, non-profits, and for-profits, private and public agencies are all eligible to submit their nominations. It is this highly coveted honor that Troy McQuagge the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. has scooped in the CEO of the year, Gold Winner category.

  1. Troy McQuagge is a world-renowned entrepreneur and corporate executive from Florida, Panama City. Presently he is a residence of Texas in the town of Coppell. The competent leadership he has brought to USHEALTH Group is a result of more than three decades of experience in various top sales positions. McQuagge started his career in the sales of health insurance in 1983 at Allstate Insurance before moving to UICI/Health Market in the year 1995. Being a dedicated and hardworking expert at retooling and reshaping departmental strategies, he became the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, a profitable subsidiary of USHEALTH Group and learn more about Troy.

He has been responsible for the significant sales profit margins in the department of health insurance that the company enjoys through his untiring efforts to revitalize USHEALTH Advisors as the focal point of the enterprise. His tenure at the helm of the organization has brought significant revenue growth, transforming the modest company into a global leader in health insurance coverage. He has a passion for resolving issues of health, and that is why he has held executive roles in several companies like the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and more information click here.

A holder of a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida, Troy has a reputation for initiating innovative and affordable coverage that are tailored to grow with the needs of different classes of customers. USHEALTH Group owes its rapid growth in the insurance market for individuals to the able leadership of the man. At the moment, he is steering the company along a vertical trajectory of expansion in a highly competitive segment of the insurance industry. As a leader, he embraces the spirit of complete devotion and teamwork and Troy of Facebook.

Clients Appreciate The Efforts Of Securus Technologies


When something is good and effective, people are definitely going to appreciate it. This is exactly the reason why I see so many emails and letters coming to the office of Securus Technologies each day.


Securus Technologies is well known for its LBS Software. In fact, this is one reason why people will continue to use the products and services of this company for years to come. Once this software is used with the Investigator Pro, it makes Securus Technologies the leading provider of jail phones in the nation.


There have been incidences when the jail and prison officials have monitored calls in order to solve cases. There has been one incident when two siblings were talking to each other. The younger sibling had no criminal record whatsoever. The older sibling was instructing, the younger one how and what to answer in case he gets questioned about a shooting that took place some time ago. This was a vital clue in solving the case. Obviously, this phone call was the main giveaway here.


This is just one case. There are hundreds and thousands of such cases that are getting solved with the use of technology. This is why the office of Securus Technologies is getting emails as well as letters in large numbers all the time.


In addition to motivation, it also provides the team with inputs on what is going well, what is not, and how to make changes or add features that will make their products and services more useful to their present as well as prospective clients. This displays the kind of commitment that the company has towards its clients. They are always willing to receive feedback and take the necessary action accordingly. This is why Securus Technologies is receiving a lot of appreciation from everyone.


Doe Deere: An Inspiring Businesswoman


Lime Crime is a vegan makeup company that showcases a line of heavily pigmented makeup products, such as lipsticks and eyeshadows. The company was launched in 2008 by a Russian native that goes by the name “Doe Deere“. Doe Deere has found a niche in the makeup industry by creating cosmetics that completely go against the norm of natural hues and colors. Doe Deere’s vision was to create cosmetics that acted as an outlet for creativity and self expression, rather than a way to cover up blemishes.


This article will provide insight on Doe’s philosophy as a business woman and an inside look on how she operates her ultra-successful makeup company.


The idea for Lime Crime came about in 2004 when Doe operated her own clothing store on Ebay with the same name. She modeled her own fashion designs but needed colorful makeup to complete the look. The intense makeup that she desired was difficult to come by, so she became inspired to create her own. Lime Crime Makeup was officially available in 2008.


Doe Deere’s company has grown so immensely, she now works with a team of creative directors, chemists and other professionals that assist her with product development. Doe states that inspiration sometimes is scarce but when it comes, she gets to work immediately. Her products must be completely authentic to the brand before they are released to the public.


Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to be solely available online. She mentions that she had been discouraged by professionals to not sell makeup online because the consumer would want to physically try it on before purchasing it. Lime Crime became one of the first cosmetic companies to display the “on lip” lipstick swatch that many companies have now copied.


Doe states that being optimistic, knowing her brand and her customers has helped her become a great entrepreneur. She recalls working dead end jobs, such as a position at an insurance company and administrative jobs throughout her younger years. However, she felt as though she could only change the world through being her authentic self which being employed by other companies did not enable her to do.


A low point for Lime Crime occurred in 2014 as a result of a security breach, in which cyber thieves stole customer’s information. Doe recalls having to go above and beyond to regain the trust of her customers to restore the dignity of Lime Crime.


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Lori Senecal – The Women To Watch Out In The Marketing Space


Lori Senecal is one of the leading marketing and advertising professionals in the marketing sphere of the United States. She currently serves as the Global CEO of the leading marketing firm CP+B. As a global CEO, Lori Senecal is tasked with helping the company grow its global footprint and bring foreign accounts to the company to help with business expansion, growth and revenue generation.

She is responsible for a total of nine foreign branches of the enterprise at different strategic locations globally. Lori Senecal joined CP+B in 2015, and in just a couple of years, she has not only helped with the expansion of company’s global operation but also helped transform the work culture at the firm, making it truly global as an enterprise. Thanks to the constant efforts and developments made and planned by Lori Senecal for CP+B; the company was named as the Creativity Innovators of the Year by the leading Advertising Age publication.

In 2016, Lori Senecal was also named by the Advertising Age as the Agency Executives To Watch. It is a prestigious affair being named among the only four marketing executives called that year. Before joining CP+B, Lori Senecal has worked with the MDC Partner Network as the President and CEO. At MDC Partner Network, Lori helped with bringing many changes in its unique business model to allow further and secure integration through the partner network and expand the company’s reach in its target market.

In a report by PRNewsWire, before MDC Partner Network, Lori Senecal has also served as the Chairman and CEO of KBs+, where she helped the company to expand substantially in a very short period of time through her strategic vision and business development moves. The Kbs+ grew fast under Lori’s leadership, and in a short period grew to become a 900 employee company from just 240 Employee Company when she started. It was under Lori’s leadership that the kbs+ was also named as one of the best places to work in the New York City.

She has won many awards during her career span, including the Quantum Leap Award for exceptional leadership and innovation at the prestigious AWNY Game Changer Awards in 2013. In 2014, she was also named as the “Women to Watch” by the Advertising Age. Lori Senecal is also one of the board directors of the Ad Council. Lori Senecal is an inspiration to many and is an internationally acclaimed personality in the marketing sphere. Follow her on twitter.

Bruce Levenson’s Involvement In The Non-Profit Industry


After selling Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson immediately ventured into the non-profit industry by funding the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute. This program has proven to be of great importance in higher education. Its goal is to reach many students, particularly those undertaking their undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, and introduce them to non-profit business. The vision of the program is to develop the next generation of non-profit business leaders by equipping them with skills that will give them a competitive edge over their counterparts in the private sector. So far, this initiative has received overwhelming response from different stakeholders.

Speaking to PR newswire, Levenson said that over the years, visionary executives have provided transformative leadership to different institutions. However, these leaders do not realize their mission because they lack business skills that are essential for running their enterprises in a successful manner. Together with his wife, Bruce Levenson presented this idea of developing non-profit leaders to the University of Maryland. They donated $75 million towards the program, while the university contributed $20 million. Students who attended the first class were taught about Philanthropy 101, which included a lab component. The learners were provided with $10,000 to donate to a foundation of their choice. This initiative became an instant hit.

The Do Good Institute’s mission is to change the institution into a Do Good campus where each graduate is knowledgeable and inspired to give back to the society. It was inaugurated in 2010. Since then, it has gained traction. The main objective of this program is to attract students who are passionate about philanthropic activities and community service.

Ben Simon, a former student, co-established Food Recovery Network (FRN) through the Do Good Institute. FRN is a student-managed waste-prevention interest group. In addition, Ben founded another enterprise known as Imperfect Produce.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of the Atlanta Hawks, which was later sold to Antony Ressler and his group. In 2004, Levenson acquired the Hawks from the Philips Arena, and Atlanta Thrashers for a consideration of $250 million. He sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million. Levenson is a partner and co-founder of the United Communications Group. He is the proprietor of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Source:

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Todd Lubar, Giving Customers Legendary Properties


Todd Lubar is the founder and CEO of Legendary Properties, a real estate company which commenced operations in 2002. Since then, the company has undertaken numerous projects and has helped an enormous amount of people find their dream home. From families to companies, this real estate company has serviced them all. Legendary Properties has had projects which entail the selling of multi-storey buildings to small homes with Todd Lubar at the center of all of this. Appealing to a broad customer base, Legendary Properties has been able to grow and transition into a company worthy of its name. He is also a part of numerous side businesses that he uses to supplement his real estate company, to offer his customers the best all-around services.

Todd Lubar entered the world of real estate in 1995 and since then has made quite a splash in the industry. Since the beginning of his professional career, Todd Lubar knew he wanted to be a real estate agent. His love for business coupled with the ability to help people through it was what drew him to the field, getting him to the position he is at today. From day one of working as a real estate agent, he knew that this was something he would be comfortable doing for the rest of his life. That is the amount of dedication that Todd Lubar has towards the profession and to his career. With a goal to be a successful real estate agent in mind, Todd Lubar set out on his journey which would ultimately take him to one day being the boss of his own business. Visit his About.Me page, to learn more.

Todd’s initial entry into the world of real estate began when he started working for Legacy Financial Group. The company dealt with offering financial solutions to people who were looking for loans and mortgages to pay for their homes. It was here where Todd picked up a thing of two about the world of real estate and what customers want regarding acquiring their dream home. He also roped in multiple large clients and formed strong bonds with the customers, some of who later became his clients when he started his own business.

Legendary Properties is known for its impeccable customer services. Todd Lubar believes in being dedicated to his customers to provide them the best services. Being a people’s person, through the course of his career, Todd Lubar formed strong professional relationships with potential partners, who he collaborates with from time to time. For more info you can search Lubar on google.