Betsy DeVos Brings on Conversations About Education


According to the New Yorker, America has more than 50 million kids in the school system. This is a lot for Betsy DeVos to be concerned about in her role as the secretary of education, but she clearly has a plan because she has been working towards education reform for decades. She has a desire to change the educational landscape in America, and I think that it is good that someone actually recognizes that there is a problem.

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I believe that it can be very hard to fix any problem if no one has taken the time to address the problem that they have. I believe that this has been the problem in America in concerns to education for a long time. It has been difficult to fix this problem because people just have not had a desire to address the the education system was a problem. I believe that Betsy DeVos will play a great part in improving education because she is someone that acknowledges the public school system is in a rut. She believes that charter schools can be a great improvement for the education system, and she is doing everything that she can to promote this. She is also a big fan of school vouchers, and I think that this is a great concept as well. Before Betsy DeVos I had never heard of the concept where students could seek funding to go to private schools. I believe that this is a very interesting thing because it challenges everything that I have ever known about the school system.

Some people may believe that Betsy Devos is a little radical when it comes to reforming education, but I personally think that her views are exactly what is needed to bring on conversation about education in America. I believe that she sees that there is a problem and see wants to create a fix for the problem that is currently in place. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

This can be an interesting concept that can totally change the way that people look at education in America. Betsy DeVos has decades of experience and she has given back a lot to education. That is one of the main reasons that I can take interest in what she is saying. She is not someone that is voice opinions while sitting back and criticizing the system. She has given an abundant amount of money to this education system in order to make improvements. That speaks volumes about what she plans to do while she is in the office holding the position of Secretary of Education. I could not personally think of a better person that would be more equipped to handle a job of such a tedious magnitude.

Todd Lubar of TDL Ventures Provides Monetary Assistance to Aid in Housing


It is undisputed that the real estate industry is a profitable business that can generate massive revenues for investors through a commercial or residential property. It is also true to state that with the wrong approach towards the real estate business, an investor might lose a huge client base. Todd Lubar is an admirable real estate investor whose primary objective in the industry is assisting families as well as investors in acquiring maximum benefits throughout the business. Todd’s career in real estate began in 1995. He worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was a loan originator. As a visionary entrepreneur, Todd developed an excellent working rapport with various clients as well as employees in the corporation. He also invested his time in learning the different models of real estate business.


While at Morgan Corporation, Todd grasped the invaluable skills of finance in real estate. He ventured into career advancement through extensive relationships with various employees like real estate agents, CPA’s, funding and insurance agents as well as financial managers. The connection he made with the people is now a referral client base where most of his clients generate from. In 1994, Todd Lubar advanced his career by acquiring a new position in Legacy Financial Group. The new position enabled him to expand his lending opportunities as a loan broker for real estate. He used Legacy Financial Group to further build client relationships by providing services that instilled comfort and confidence in clients.


In 2002, Todd advanced his career in the real estate industry by founding Legendary Properties LLC. At Legendary Properties, Todd focused on the renovation, rehabilitation, buying, selling of property. The company held over 200 transactions ranging from low income earning families to commercial property. Through his efforts to cater for all types of clients in the society, Todd was building customer trust. He would later use the trust that he created in the earlier years of his career in developing well-established businesses in the real estate venture.

Todd’s profile

In a report by Hackronym, after soaring through Legendary Properties, Todd’s new success story was created. TDL Ventures is committed to assisting people in need. Todd is an alumnus of Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC. He attained his B.A in speech communication from the Syracuse University. You can visit his website

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Dr Rick Shinto’s Leading His Team At Innovacare To Greatness


Most successful companies are those that align their core values, mission and vision with their organization. Alignment makes it possible for the company and its staff to work together towards achieving the goals and objectives set. This is the case for InnovaCare, a leading company in the health sector. Innovacare’s goal and objectives is to ensure that their clients get timely, reliable and cost effective Medicare throughout the country. The company has been able to maintain the leading spot courtesy of their charismatic and visionary chief executive leader Dr Rick Shinto.

Attaining high levels of education from top schools, is one of the things that fuel Dr. Shinto. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science from State University in New York opened his intellectualism in the medical world. He later joined Redlands University where he acquired a business administration degree. With a degree in medicine and a master’s degree in administration, Dr. Shinto was certain of leaving a mark in the corporate sector.

  1. Shinto is a strong believer in team work. He is not only a leader but also works alongside his colleague. This enables him to fuel interaction which results in the company’s creativity and innovative products. He encourages his staff to come out and share their ideas, communicate and interact with one another.

The successful career of Dr Shinto began more than twenty years ago in southern Carolina as a medical intern. After which, he joined MedPartners and later Medical Pathways Management Company as their chief medical and operating officer. He also worked at Aveta Inc as the company’s president and CEO. He was in charge of the company’s strategic planning and execution, making sure that the company moved to the next level in the industry. Currently, he helps manage MMM and Healthare Inc. the subsidiaries of Innovacare achieve their goals. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Despite being a trained doctor, Dr Rick Shinto has taken the role of administration well. His leadership style has pleased and appealed several people in the industry. He has earned an award from Ernst & Young as the entrepreneur of the year. This award recognized his brilliant performance and how he is able to lead a group of people towards ensuring that the company achieved its goals.

In addition to being a brilliant leader and strategist, Dr Shinto is an exceptional author. He shares his medical knowledge and findings to readers in forms of journals and also shares his business insights with the world through articles.

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Cancer And Aging Drugs Research By Mikhail Blagosklonny


Successive researches and experiments have been conducted with the hope of producing a long-lasting solution to cancer and aging. Many experiments have failed. Some oncologists have given up while some have opted to try it later. However, there is one oncologist who never gave up despite all the challenges and has dedicated his efforts to getting a solution to the aging menace. Mikhail Blagosklonny, a prominent oncologist, has finally deduced a formula of the age suppressive treatment, which many had failed at.

With the new aging-suppressing method, individuals can use the non-genotoxic compound in therapeutic commodities to suppress the cellular hypertrophy. Mikhail Blagosklonny, cancer and aging researcher, has been deeply involved in developing cancer drugs as well as anti-aging drugs over the years. The success was not merely a one-day journey but a long one that combines piles of extensive researches and continued collaboration with other certified oncologists. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

Mikhail holds an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Internal Medicine and Experimental Medicine respectively from the First Pavlov State University of Medicine. In 2002, he got appointed as the Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College. After three years in practice, he got another appointment as the Senior Scientist dealing with cancer at Ordway Research Institute. After years of hard work and dedication, Mikhail received yet another appointment as a Professor of Oncology and was in charge of the Oncology Department at Roswell Park Institute, which also participates in cancer research.

He has been an advocate for rapamycin, which contains immune-suppressant functions that reduce chances of the body rejecting transplant organs like liver and kidney. He also formulated his hypothesis on TOR signaling in aging and cancer treatment. Besides, he has contributed immensely in lots of research that have borne the fruits through a practical remedy to cancer and aging.

Other than being a dedicated oncologist, Mikhail Blagosklonny also participates in publishing articles on cancer and related medical fields. He acts as the Chief Editor and has published more than 70 scientific publications and holds over 15 patents. Mikhail has dedicated his life to ensuring that people living with cancer get a cure. He says that his dream is to see the cancer patients receiving effective treatment with the great hope of getting better. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Online Reputation News


If you’ve ever watched the television drama Scandal, which follows the adventures of a Washington D.C. reputation management firm, you may have wished that you had a group of people to swoop in and fix mistakes or mistaken impressions on your behalf. And while the events of Scandal are a trifle exaggerated for entertainment purposes, these real life “fixers” certainly exist, and these days are busier than ever.

Why? As we move more and more onto the digital highway with no signs of exiting, more and more reputations are being damaged or destroyed with a few clicks on a keypad. In this last year, we’ve certainly seen the damage that can be done to political careers via the internet. And not just politicians in election cycles are affected by this. Far greater and more frequent damage of this type happens in the business world. One expert estimated that some companies are losing millions of dollars of revenue annually, because they’re utterly unaware of their poor online “word of mouth”.

It doesn’t take much to get a bad online reputation these days. Often they’re undeserved. But if one disgruntled user or a malicious mischief maker (known as “trolls”) posts negative comments online in a way that’s easy for users to find, businesses may find that rep very difficult to lose. So what do reputation managers recommend?

Constantly Monitor The Internet And Social Media Concerning Your Company And Brands

But don’t just check out the “hottest” sites of the moment. Do constant checks of a number of sites of all ages, especially ones where you know the business has been mentioned before.

Hire An Online Reputation Manager

Whether it’s in-house or contractors, these individuals like are experts in finding and containing problems and utilizing tools like SEOs (search engine optimization).

Don’t Just Passively Sit Online

Control your brand name and reputation by opening accounts on social media, creating blogs, and owning your own search engine page. By being aware that your business is indeed on the internet even if you actually don’t do business on line, you can protect both your company’s name and its profits.


John Goullet’s Successful Career in Providing Top IT Staffing Solutions to Companies


John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur that has pioneered multiple businesses within the IT industry. Currently, he is the Principle of Diversant LLC. John began his career in the IT sector as a consultant and later changed to an IT Staffing Account Executive. In 1994, he founded the Info Technologies Inc. and became the corporation’s CEO.

The company aimed at understanding the corporate environment as well as the client’s staffing needs after which it matched those desires to the appropriate skill set, work style, and personality of the IT consultants. Additionally, Info Technologies also offered IT solutions to Fortune 500 firm across the United States. Under John Goullet’s leadership, the company expanded to a value worth $30 million during its first five years of existence. As a result, it was ranked number eight on the 500 fastest growing private firms in the US by the Inc. Magazine. In 2010, John merged two corporations Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies and the result was DIVERSANT LLC.

In a recent interview at Ideamensch, John explained that he first had the idea to establish DIVERSANT approximately 24 years ago and after witnessing so many successful ventures in the IT staffing industry, he decided to give it a try. Mr Goullet commences his day by doing early morning workouts after which he heads to the office at 8 am and stays there until 6 pm and contact him.

John explains that new ideas are hatched from occurrences in the labor markets, which always has insufficient experts. John and his team brainstorm on the technologies that are in high demand and then incorporate them in the creation of skill sets that most clients require. John believes that technology is a broad concept that is ever growing and as such he sees a bright future for DIVERSANT as long as it serves its customers competently and what John knows.

Mr Goullet explains in the interview that productive paranoia has aided his productivity as an innovator. This is because the thought of competitors getting closer to him have kept him on his toes. Goullet explains that to grow a business, one needs to hire the best personnel available and offer some shares of the firm to them. Additionally, one needs to employ many trainees who need to be empowered and mentored continuously. Lastly, entrepreneurs need to foster a culture of accountability and John’s lacrosse camp.

Soros Long Time Philanthropist


George Soros has been involved in philanthropy since the 1970’s. He has given away over $12 billion dollars to various charities in his lifetime, and that number only continues to grow. Not only does he continue to give from his own fortune, but his various foundations and endowments have bloomed over the years creating even more wealth for philanthropic projects.

Without a doubt, his main focus has been on expanding human rights around the world to disenfranchised minorities. Whether it is an issue of racial oppression or LGBTQ rights, Mr. Soros has been at the forefront of action.

He inherited this desire for equality honestly. Hungarian-born, he is the son of Jewish survivors of the NAZI oppression and holocaust in his home country. Only by securing false papers was his family able to survive. Read more about George at The New York Times.

After World War II, he went to London, leaving the totalitarian regime that sprang up there as a satellite of the Soviet Union. After studying Economics and working in low-wage, labor jobs, he emigrated to the United States in 1956 where he built his fortune on Wall Street. By the 1980’s he was one of the top givers of money to philanthropic causes, and he continues to this day.

His network of organizations is called the Open Society Foundations. These various groups coordinate to participate in activism all over the world. At the core of their various goals are freedom of expression, respect for individual rights, and democratic governance.

His first major act was to begin a scholarship program for black students in South Africa during apartheid. He then worked for cultural exchanges and to help break down the tyrannical regimes of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he continued to promote cultural interaction. He funded universities in the former Warsaw Pact nations. He helped to foster peace and understanding during the early years of chaos after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

He has since been very active in the United States promoting the issue of marriage equality throughout the country, as well as having a big hand in the initiation of the medical marijuana movement. He continues to expand his giving in those areas, while being active in political movements both on local and national levels.

Mr. George Soros is truly an example of how one can excel in a free, capitalist system, but still remember where their humble beginnings. His empathy for working and oppressed peoples comes from personal experience living through many of the great horrors of the twentieth century. He now seems to be leading the way in stopping those horrors in the twenty-first.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Commitment to Assisting Those in Need


If you’ve experienced an incident where you need to hire an attorney and quickly, there’s great news for you. The New York Bar Association has started a program where you can find a great attorney online. You don’t have to spend hours searching either. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has launched a website at where you can enter your information quickly and someone will contact you with a matching attorney. People love this service because it saves them time and money as well as not having to comb through tons of advertisements. Attorneys love the service because they save time and money finding the right clients. If you accept the recommendation, you’re able to have a half-hour consultation for just $35. This is much less than many other consultation fees that can reach $100 plus for an hour.


A new firm has opened up called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. The managing partner Jeremy Goldstein has a long record of success, even with corporate giants. His boutique firm focuses on corporate matters that are sensitive in nature. Examples of this include corporate governance and executive wage matters. Having a wealth of experience and an excellent educational background has paved the pathway to success for Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in art history. He went on to get a master’s degree, also in art history. Eventually, he decided that law school was in order, so he attended New York University’s School of Law. Graduating with distinction on every academic level, he set out to work for a prominent firm, in which he eventually became a partner. Goldstein has also been involved in charity work in leadership roles for organizations like Fountain House, which assists those with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein not only takes care of his clients but those who are in need of compassion as well.


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Warren Buffet Advises Investors To Stay Safe From Market Volatility By Diversifying Their Investments


Warren Buffet feels that the financial market has many underperforming funds and that he can make better returns by investing in S&P 500 Passive Index Fund, and he actually might be right. Warren Buffet feels that the focus should be on long-term investment rather than thinking of cutting profits in short term as it can be risky, and does not add to the long term wealth creation strategy.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the stock market, and it is because he has been able to create a stock investment portfolio after carefully and analytically researching on the strips he invests in.

The stocks and funds that are fundamentally strong offer long-term value to the investors. When investing in funds, it needs to be checked what the management fees and the volume of trade are. It is due to these factors that the returns drop greatly, and the benefits never reach the end users. One other factor that significantly contributes to long-term wealth creation is to ensure that the investment portfolio is diversified across varied industries.

Tim Armour, who is also a highly prominent figure in the financial world and is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, feels that Warren Buffet is right with his assumptions about the current situation of the financial market. Tim Armour has graduated in Economics from the Middlebury College and has close to four decades of experience in the financial industry. Tim Armour says that for people to create wealth in the long-term, they need to start early and to stay safe from the market volatility; diversification of investments they make is an essential attribute.

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Troy McQuagge Wins the Prestigious One Planet Awards in the Gold Winner CEO of the Year Category


The One Planet Awards is an international premier program of awards honoring Professional and Business excellence in all industries globally. Organizations ranging from startups, SMEs, non-profits, and for-profits, private and public agencies are all eligible to submit their nominations. It is this highly coveted honor that Troy McQuagge the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. has scooped in the CEO of the year, Gold Winner category.

  1. Troy McQuagge is a world-renowned entrepreneur and corporate executive from Florida, Panama City. Presently he is a residence of Texas in the town of Coppell. The competent leadership he has brought to USHEALTH Group is a result of more than three decades of experience in various top sales positions. McQuagge started his career in the sales of health insurance in 1983 at Allstate Insurance before moving to UICI/Health Market in the year 1995. Being a dedicated and hardworking expert at retooling and reshaping departmental strategies, he became the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, a profitable subsidiary of USHEALTH Group and learn more about Troy.

He has been responsible for the significant sales profit margins in the department of health insurance that the company enjoys through his untiring efforts to revitalize USHEALTH Advisors as the focal point of the enterprise. His tenure at the helm of the organization has brought significant revenue growth, transforming the modest company into a global leader in health insurance coverage. He has a passion for resolving issues of health, and that is why he has held executive roles in several companies like the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and more information click here.

A holder of a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida, Troy has a reputation for initiating innovative and affordable coverage that are tailored to grow with the needs of different classes of customers. USHEALTH Group owes its rapid growth in the insurance market for individuals to the able leadership of the man. At the moment, he is steering the company along a vertical trajectory of expansion in a highly competitive segment of the insurance industry. As a leader, he embraces the spirit of complete devotion and teamwork and Troy of Facebook.