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Peter Briger Junior: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt Recap


 Peter Briger and his new company (Fortress investment group) were a hit on the public market. He had 66 million shares that were worth just north of $2 billion. As investors know, the highs get balanced with the lows, and Fortress investment group was no different. Now Mr. Briger has roughly 44 million shares valued at about $350 million. He has seen Fortress investment group take a big hit value wise; however, Peter Briger is still a top player in the secretive world of asset investing…special asset investing. Learn more about Peter Briger at cnas.org

Peter Briger first made a name for himself at Goldman Sachs. In fact, it was after 15 years at Goldman Sachs that he joined Fortress, which is now worth about $66 billion. Fortress wanted to diversify its private equity business. Now, Briger is a leader at fortress and a co-chairman on their board of directors. He has made a name for himself by trading assets that no one else will trade.

Since Mr. Briger left Goldman Sachs, his success has continued. He has continued to get results. Investors in Fortress wager their hard-earned cash that he will continue this success in the future. Now that the financial crisis is seven years past, distressed assets still interest him. The Dodd – Frank legislation requires banks to have huge capital reserves for assets deemed risky. Therefore, the banks want to sell their risky assets and boost ROE. Peter Briger has made a living on these kinds of situations for years.

As history indicates, this risky opportunity will dry up and another will take its place. It takes a certain kind of personality to thrive on situations like this. In other words, risk aversion of the person must be high. But when this new opportunity does present itself, it is certain that Peter Briger will be there, prepared to take advantage of it.

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