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Randal Nardone Is Leading Fortress Investment Group Into The Future


Randal Nardone has held many positions over his career. These include, portfolio manager, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and a host of other positions for many different companies. In 1998 he, and other individuals, founded Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Principal & Director at Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone began his professional journey as a young man at the University of Connecticut. He earned a B.A in English and Biology from the University and went on to earn his JD at Boston University School of Law.

Earlier in his career Randal Nardone served as a partner at the Thacher, Proffitt, and Wood. He also served as a member of the executive committee at the law firm. From there, he changed his course and accepted a position at Blackrock Financial Management. In 1997 he accepted the position as managing director at UBS. In May 1998, after a year at UBS, Randal founded Fortress.

In 2017 SoftBank Group, a Japanese banking company, acquired Fortress. After the acquisition, SoftBank kept the entire leadership team, including Randal Nardone, in place. SoftBank will allow Fortress to continue to do what they have always done. They will look for investments in places that others ignore.

Mr. Nardone Believes that this acquisition is a great thing for the company as a whole. He believes that this will allow Fortress Investment Group to grow even faster than before.

Randal Nardone, co-founder and current CEO at Fortress Investment group, has held many positions over his career. His unique career has given him special insight to the investment world. This insight is a large part of the reason that Fortress Investment Group has been successful in finding quality, often non-traditional, investments. He is optimistic about his company’s future after their acquisition by SoftBank and is looking forward to leading Fortress through future growth.

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