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Ransomware Is A Growing Threat


After I was hacked, I realized how important it is to be proactive in your cyber security needs. Just this year the largest cyber attack occurred when ransomware was placed in thousands of computers all over the world. The Investing News Network has taken notice of this growing concern and they are attempting to bring this issue to attention. It affects more business, governments, and individuals every day. In just two years over $400 billion was spent on cyber security attacks. In the next year, this number is going to grow even more and surpass $100 billion (YahooNews).


I decided to protect myself from these attacks by using the best privacy and security company on the market, Rubica. Rubica is run by a small team of the best professional in the business and they are dedicated to their clients and the safety of their information and to prevent ransomware. All data is stored on a very secure and private server so that they can prevent any cyber security attacks. Now all my information is protected from embezzlement and none of my information can be stolen again. Rubica also has a free check to help you determine how much of your personal information is at risk.



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  • Kaelyn Richard September 30, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    No doubt, no one would like the pains of restoring a site that is attacked by Ransomeware, it is time consuming and also, money consuming. However, EssayOnTime com has done a fantastic job by informing the public on how to overcome such attacks by using Rubica. They are runned by professionals who are dedicated to their clients and the safety of their information. If you have been a victim, you would understand this, however proactive steps is just what I recommend.

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