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RBS Group Establishes Itself As One Of Brazil’s Leading Multimedia Firms


Grupo RBS is a large multimedia conglomerate located in Brazil. It is based in Porto Allegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and serves that state and Santa Catarina. It was founded in 1957 by entrepreneur Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho.

For most of its history, it was strictly an old-school media company. Its first radio station was Rádio Gaúcha in Porto Alegre. TV Gaúcha was established in this city in 1962. Its first regional TV network, TV Caxias, was established in 1969. Grupo RBS started doing business in Santa Catarina in 1979 when it established a TV station in Florianopolis.

In 1986, it inaugurated its first newspaper. This is Diario Catarinense in Florianopolis. That same year saw the passing of its founder and he was replaced as the chief executive officer by his son, Nelson Sirotsky. He continued to add newspapers, TV and radio stations to Grupo RBS’ multimedia portfolio.

In the 2000s, its leadership saw how Grupo RBS needed to evolve or it would be rendered irrelevant in the digital age. While continuing to operate its other media, Grupo RBS began to aggressively develop and online strategy. It now has several websites including Pense Carros, Predicta, Hagah, clicRBS, Vitrinepix, ObaOba, and Guia Da Semana. These websites cover areas like current news, sports, weather, entertainment, and traffic. It also offers e-commerce sites such as Wine Vinhos. To know more about RBS visit linkedin.com

It has a code of conduct that expresses the values and beliefs employees are expected to follow. Grupo RBS makes a full commitment to use ethics and respect when communicating to its audiences. This is described in its “Guide to Journalistic Ethics and Self-Regulation,” which outlines its production, professional, and journalistic conduct.

RBS offers an internship program meant to attract and develop newcomers to the media industry. Young people are given an opportunity to translate what they learned in college into practice. Kelly Matos says she started as an intern at Rádio Gaúcha in 2006 and was then hired to produce a radio show. She now anchors one of the radio station’s most popular programs.


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