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Robert Ivy Explains Why AIA Membership Is A Positive


Membership of any professional trade association is positive in the view of the Executive Vice-President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy has held the position of CEO with the AIA since 2011 when the respected architect, writer, and editor left his role as leader of the “Architectural Record” magazine and took over the running of the association. Ivy is not akin to fanciful statements but is, instead minded to analyze every aspect of a decision before it is made.

When asked why a trade association is a positive idea, Robert Ivy answers with a number of facts about how an architect or any professional can benefit from joining a trade association. Firstly, the chance to work with those who have been excelling in their industry for many years is not one to be missed as a vast amount of knowledge and experience is out there. Not only do these associations give a professional the chance to work with their peers but any work completed for the American Institute of Architects can be included on the resume of a member. Both paid and unpaid work is available with the AIA and other associations which can add to the experience any professional has worked with leading experts in their field.

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Robert Ivy also believes the chance to further a career can be achieved simply by joining and becoming an active member of a professional body. Membership to the AIA is seen by many potential employers as a sign of the success being achieved by an architect as they move through their career. Many employers state membership of the AIA is something they look for as a sign an architect is at the peak of their powers and looking to achieve their best at all times.

Furthering their career through career training opportunities and seminars held on a regular basis is an aspect of the AIA Robert Ivy strongly believes in. Learning from the experience of others can stop other architects from making similar mistakes to those made in the past and increase the skills of thousands of architects across the U.S.

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