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Rocketship Education Heads for the Stars


Travelling to the moon wouldn’t even be an option for some children raised in low income areas and given a less than standard educational experience. However, being a Rocketeer sounds like something that plans on changing that. Rocketship schools is a non-profit charter school that believes in their Rocketeer’s going to the moon given the same education opportunities. They plan on bridging the gap and working towards there not being one.

With 30 schools in 3 countries, the Rocketship ideal that school is about more than the classroom. Rocketship sees that what happens at home and in the community affects the students. They are clear in their vision that making a difference in all of these areas greatly increases the level of success their students achieve.

When flooding occurred in the Coyote Creek in San Jose California it was Rocketship that stepped in to help families recover from the loss of their homes. They have worked with Catholic charities to help raise money that will eventually be used towards disaster assistance. This kind of work is making it possible for students to feel less pressure from life’s unexpected situations and focus on themselves. By helping the parents and the community this absolutely helps the students.

What makes Rocketship so amazing is that they see a moment in time where the students of all backgrounds will be offered all the same educational opportunity. Teachers with Rocketship work tirelessly to insure their students are given personal customized learning. They work with the family and living situations in order to develop the perfect learning experience.

With a four content block school model, Rocketship offers their students Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab and Enrichment. This school model is much different from tradition elementary education and the teachers collaborate regularly with each other for the benefit of their students and parents. The model is working and students are able to see that there are no limits to where they can go.