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Roseann Bennett And Her Efforts As A Therapist



Roseann Bennett is based in New Jersey where she performs her work as a marriage therapist who is licensed. She is a co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment which is a mental health agency that works as a non-profitable organization. Roseann specializes in handling family therapy, crisis management and treatment planning in which she has been doing for over ten years. The New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is headed by Roseann who serves as the President of the Northern Chapter. Roseann Bennett saw the need of starting the Center for Assessment and Treatment because she had worked within communities doing home therapy and she saw the challenges faced by many individuals.


The new venture was aimed at helping the low-income earners who were not capable of affording treatment and also because mental health patients had to wait for an extended period before they were treated. Roseann continued to care for psychiatric patients all through. For close to seven decades, the month of May has been considered as the mental health month. Most of the patients need extreme care because some cases have a significant impact on relationships and they are even scary. Most of the individuals that Roseann Bennett works with married couples who are nearing separation or even divorce because of their issues.


One discovery that Roseann Bennett has made from his patients is that depression may bring unhappiness if it is not treated. Roseann tries to help her patients through the struggles of life, and they may lead better marriage lives. In her interview with IdeaMensch, She further states that if one partner is suffering from depression, it is most likely to affect the other partner. Most of the divorce cases in relationships are not brought directly by depression but what bring about the divorce matter is the consequences that come up when depression is not handled in the right manner. See This Page for more information.


In some relationships, one partner may suffer from severe depression and even stops working, and as a result, this leads to marital problems. Some depression cases come from life situations such as losing a loved one, but after some time the individual becomes better and is back to living a healthy life.



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